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Travel and Adventure show.

Travel and Adventure show.

Over the weekend, I had the privalge to see the Travel and Adventure Expo, that is held in the San Diego Convention center. 

I had no idea this went on! 

It's held on March 4th and 5th and holds so many exhibits, talks and plenty of adventure!

I am glad, I exchanged my cartoons for the news, because you know, I am an adult now. 

If you are looking for your next vacation I highly recommend coming here. They have all the tourism boards, cruise liners and airlines you could think of. 

From Hawaii to Australia and everything in between. I found so many of my next vacations here, well mentally planned them all. hah 

Everyone I talked to was really well informed about the place they were representing, it made me want to just get on a plane and peace out! 

They had some speakers to talk about how they have made traveling work for them. 

Here is the list of speakers HERE

You also could enjoy a nice little taste of France, with some wine! 

The show also feaured some tastes from around the world. 

I really enjoyed wandering around and seeing all the new places that are out there! 

Made me want to collect all the books and information on each place and plan, plan, plan trips! 

I think this was especially great for travel bloggers to come down and meet some new people, and grab some real knowledge of a destination.

Plus, just about every booth had free stuff to win and take home! Like those re-usable bags we all have to use now for shopping. Which I for sure stocked up on! hah  

However, I probably will now get about ten thousand junk mail ads. ha 

It was worth it.

San Diego has so many expos to offer, I am glad I found this one. 


I survived Coachella.

I survived Coachella.