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My Coachella Review

My Coachella Review

Okay, holy cow.

Coachella, let’s talk about this for a hot minute. I know you all saw the snaps, photos, tweets, etc. about this and probably about half the earth’s population was there.

BUT SWEET BABY JESUS that was an experience.

Let me first start off by saying how much fun I did have, I loved the people watching, getting to dress up, and of course the music. I thought this year had a lot of good sets and I was truly looking forward to seeing Eminem. I grew up listening to him, so I was thrilled to see him perform! I overall loved the whole experience of the festival, but I would probably never go back.

Let me tell you why:

This was technically my 2nd year going, last year we didn’t even make it to the festival we just had passes to the after parties, which was just as fun and honestly, I did not feel like I missed out on the festival at all. This year we didn’t make it to any after parties and to be frank after walking all day and in the heat, there is no way I could have made it to any (old lady, I know).

Aside from the heat and walking miles to get anywhere, I have never seen so many people before in my life. I am not sure how many people come to each day, but it sure felt close to a million. I personally don’t care for huge crowds. I am a small individual, so I get lost, trampled and squished easily. Also, forget seeing anything on stage all I see are peoples backsides. I usually always end up watching a performance from the giant screens they have playing on the side.

Luckily, we had very nice passes, so I didn’t have to stand far away to see the stage and I actually got to see humans on the stage and not on the side screens, so that was a huge plus! I thought the lineup was really good this year, I mean to be honest I am not a huge Beyoncé fan so I think she could have been replaced by someone else, same with The Weekend, but that’s just my opinion. Although I do have to say I loved The Weekends set design, I thought it was really impressive!

I was really lucky to have the passes that I did, Casey was working for American Express and they nicely gave him a plus one to attend the festival. Because of this, we didn’t have to spend money on our passes and most other things. However, I tried to roughly calculate an individual’s average expenses during this festival and it basically amounted to my life’s savings + some after death expenses. Now, I am sure it’s very different for guys and girls only because girls need of course about two-three different outfits per day. I shopped for my outfits, I know how expensive they can be. I even went the cheap route and shopped at all the thrift stores. Also, I'm sure if you camp it’d probably WAY less too, but I'm sorry I can’t camp. Another thing that blew my mind was how expensive food and drinks were. I'm sorry but no one needs a $25-dollar glass of wine and $15-dollar nachos, NO ONE. Again though, I'm sure if you camped you could have brought your own food, but then again you would have to keep going in and out of the festival. Which I highly doubt many people were doing that.

Also, one thing that was slightly concerning was there was no cell phone reception. I would have been way more annoying on Instagram if I actually got some bars of service. Thanks, desert for keeping me from living my best life on social media during the most important weekend ever. Just kidding, but really there was none. 

Overall, I think this whole Coachella thing is over-rated and over-priced. I mean they stream the whole thing online, why not watch from the convenience of your own home. Shoot, just invite your friends over get really drunk and its basically like you are there too! You’ll also save yourself from your face and lungs being covered in dust. You know in all honesty I thought people wore the face masks and bandanas purely for fashion until I actually inhaled so much dust I realized “oh those really serve a purpose.”

These are just my thoughts on it. I think it’s complete insanity and would probably not attend again. Of course, I was thinking of going next time and wearing my pj’s and hiring 6 bodyguards just to see what happens. Then I was reminded I would have to pay for all 6 bodyguards, that shut down that idea really quick (unless anyone would like to sponsor my experiment haha). But by all means, I am sure this festival is a blast with a ton of friends and a more optimistic outlook on camping than I have. I think, if you can afford this, then do it. I am sure it will be an experience of a lifetime, I know it was for me!



1. Great people watching 

2.Amazing Music 

3. Creative Fashion 


1. HOT 

2. No cell phone reception 

3. To many people 

4. SERIOUSLY so expensive 

5. REDICULOSLY chapped lips 


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