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Panorama, NYC

Panorama, NYC

Well…it’s safe to say I’ve survived another festival.

Not that it’s hard to survive them or anything, that just makes me sound cooler ;) lololol

Anyways, this was my second festival I have been to and this one was weirdly worldly different than the last one (Coachella). I, as a non-die-hard festival goer just assumed they were all the same event…People tripping on any drug you could think of, wearing ridiculous outfits, and throwing up / passed out on the floor.  Turns out they are different!

This one (Panorama) was completely different. I would say more mellower (if that’s a word?). Still had a hint of a Coachella vibe, I.E some ridiculous outfits but nowhere near the level of Coachella. I think people actually go to this festival to enjoy the music and have a good time vs. making it some Instagram event... ha I could be wrong but that’s what I was getting.

So, if you’ve made it this far and have never heard of Panorama before, don’t worry you’re not alone. Panorama is basically just another 3-day festival where you can enjoy overpriced food and drinks, good music and even better people watching! Since this is only my second festival I can’t really judge it too much, except for the fact that I had a lot of fun and would do it allllll over again. However, I sadly cannot say the same about Coachella.

It was a huge plus that this festival was in New York, it’s great to come back to the city every once and a while. Plus, I’ve never been to New York in the summer, so it was great to experience that!

P.S - want to know what New York is like in the summer, turn your oven on, stick your face in it and have someone repeatedly beep a car horn in the background. Boom, it’s like your there! :) 

Hah jokes aside New York is lovely in the summer I would highly recommend. Also, you should take the ferry, where to? Idk but it was cool to see the city from a boat ha hah :) (super helpful, I know)

I enjoyed Panorama more than Coachella because it felt more like people wanted to listen to the music and have a good time vs. making it some ridiculous show of nonsense. The venue was smaller the people were nicer and just over all everything was great. You didn’t have to walk across the world to see your favorite bands or tip toe around passed out partiers. It was how I would imagine a “normal music festival” would be.

However, if you’re into all those things then more power to you, please stick to one festival and one festival only (Coachella), thank you!

I mean yeah there was a few down sides to the weekend, the first day was cancelled due to some heavy thunderstorms. So, we saw no acts aka The Weekend, Lil Wayne didn’t even show up and the place was covered in mud but I mean over all this was a great weekend!

So, I would suggest making a trip out to the Big Apple, bringing your friends and making a fun weekend out of it!

Anyways, I know you read none of that and are just here for the photos so, scroll away and be gone! Just kidding, stay… you complete me… omg, I just put in my first Office reference. I just started watching it so, sorry there are more to come hahahah YES FOR THE FIRST TIME, DON'T JUDGE ME. 


One of my favorite parts of this festival was the food. This was Matcha green tea ice cream, fruity pebbles, and a waffle. It was pure sugar and more importantly PURE BLISS. 

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