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Things got pretty chilly in Japan, something I am not used to. 

Coming from California where it is sunny and 75 all the time, I don't normally wear a scarf or more than one layer of clothing. 

But since I knew it was going to be rather cold there I opted to get one and a few more layers of clothing. 

I found this great company called EST WST Collective. They specialize in creating one of a kind handbags and smaller accessories, such as this scarf. 

This particular scarf comes with a great cause. It is woven in the outskirts of Kathmandu by women who are victims of sexual and domestic abuse. By purchasing this scarf you will help provide these amazing women with housing, education and a sustainable income. 

They also have great bags that contribute to families back in Nepal who have left their families due to abuse. 

Not only are the items super cute and totally useful to everyday use they are representing a big cause.

I am all for the good cause and contributing back to the world. I love small intimate companies that work for a great cause. It reminds me that there are many people in the world that want to see our world as a better place.

They put in a great deal of effort and passion into each piece.

I can't wait for California to cool the eff down, so I can wear this more!


Rest of the outfit details:

Pants: Free People

Shoes: Converse

Top: H&M

Bag: Messanger bag from Coach

Sunday Style.

Sunday Style.

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