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Favorite Bikinis.

Favorite Bikinis.

Okay so, we all know here in California summer never ends.

At least I like to think it doesn’t.

I’m not a pumpkin spice, ugg boots wearing cold winter night’s kinds of lady. (Even though, yes I most def. have ugg boots. Hi yes, I am a basic b, nice to meet you.) I mostly just keep the uggs around just in case.


 I prefer the summer sun like all day every day AND… if were up to me I would wear bikini’s all day long.

I am not sure why that’s not allowed yet.

What I am also not so sure of- Is why California stops selling swimsuits and transfer over to what most of the world calls “fall” like what is this fall you speak of?

Why don’t we have a bikini section in every store, I know damn well you’d still make money. WHY? Because I would be buying you out all the time.


While I am still trying to take this up with whoever decided this, I made a list of my favorite local and non-local shops/designers that sell bikinis allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll year long. Like thank you Jesus.

I love supporting local designers with their creations, I have a super obsession with bikinis and am jealous their whole lives revolve around them.

One thing though, is the prices like I have to save up for years before I make my final purchase of one top that can cover one boob.

However, I would rather support my local girl gang with their dreams. Here's my list of local 

Local Shop: If you are native to the SoCal area aka Carlsbad

Boom Boom Brazil

Kora Bikini

Cindy’s Swimwear

Eve 7

Siempre Golden- This one is more located in L.A but close enough right? 

Beverly Swim- Happy to say this lovely lady is family & makes the cutest modest swim wear! 

If you don’t live in Carlsbad which most of you don’t, then I have a list well my top two of my other favorite websites to get bikinis at a super price. Aka cheap, cuz I like to save that dolla. 




Click on the photos to see where exactly where I got them :) 

P.s- no matter your size, always be confident in your bikini! Don't feel like you can't wear it, you can- and wear with a smile to add the final touch ;)  

What's your favorite bikini shop? 

I think I follow about 10k bikini instagram accounts, but there is always room for more! 

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