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Sunday Styles.

Sunday Styles.

Normally, I don't do fashion blogs, because I don't consider my self a fancy dresser. Unless you tell me there is food and wine at said event, I will try. (NOTICE: " I WILL TRY" key words here)

I am all for the yoga pants for pants thing. 

However, I made an attempt for this one. Mostly because I got these awesome hats and I felt like doing my make up- so naturally that called for a some what photo shoot. 

I really am all for not having a "look" mostly because if I feel like dressing like a classy lady one day and the next day a total 90's child, I am going to do it. 

Like this look, I don't even know what to call it. 

How about it- "took me an hour to figure out I had this skirt" and " wow, it goes good with this hat" look. 

Anyways, I thought this was an appropriate look for the upcoming fall season. But living in SOCAL I am not entirely sure what that is. One day its 85 and the next I need a sweater. Make up your mind. 

BUT bottom line, I really like this hat  & back pack from San Diego Hat Company

They are made of the finest quality and look so cute with anything really, I would know, I tried on 20 million outfits. R.I.P clean room. 

Which by the way, i've given up my purses and just started carrying this backpack around. Let me tell you something, I really enjoy it over a purse. (insert sassy girl emoji here) 


Check Below how I wore it: 

Where to find it:

Hat & backpack : San Diego Hat Company

Skirt: Tobi

Top: Urban Outffiters

Acai Bowl: Beach City Smoothies, Carlsbad CA 

Choker: in year 1991

Favorite Bikinis.

Favorite Bikinis.