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What I Wore in Jamaica

What I Wore in Jamaica

Okay, I am not the most stylish person. I could rock work out pants forever and be fine with it. However, thanks to modern society and just the annoying standards that girls are held to (Thanks social media once again for ruining lives) we have to look somewhat presentable. Especially if we are going somewhere “Instagramable”.

Could you imagine your favorite blogger wearing sweatpants all the time? Do you think you would still follow them? (insert thinking emoji)

This is why I like going places that are tropical, they never require a full head to toe outfit. Hence why I have so many bikinis, they are easier to buy and just easier to pack in general.

ANYWAYS, since I had so much time to prepare for this trip I had time to get it together. I had months to figure out what to wear and what to pack. I normally do not get this much time to prepare for trips, I also don’t have a million dollars to spend on clothing to have a different outfit each trip (OH HI CLOTHING SPONSORS, ANYONE? NO? OKAY ha-ha). So I feel like compared to most my outfits are pretty basic, which hey I am okay with that, I’m pretty realistic on my trips. I don’t know how a lot of these girls make Mexico’s humid weather look glamorous. My hair frizzes, my makeup is melting off my face and everything I have on is dripping in sweat, like cute right?

Anyways, my point to this blog is what the hell I wore in Jamaica, because I felt like I had it together this time, I even brought floats’!

Also, if you're heading to Jamaica (in November) you should pack like this ;) 


It was hot as hell so, bikinis were basically my life. I wore a lot of denim shorts and tops too. I like more of the grab and go fashion, basically whatever is clean, ill grab it haha 

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

My Coachella outfits.

My Coachella outfits.