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Habits of a "fit" person

Habits of a "fit" person

According to Google, it takes “about 2 months to make something a habit”. I beg to differ, Google. I would say trying to make our health and fitness is one habit that is purely impossible. No matter how many times I try to eat healthy or work out something always gets in my way and I end up back at square one.

However, I can surely make going to Starbucks every morning a great habit!

I try my “hardest” to be fit, but I love food too much. It's so hard to be today's "skinny or thick but yet skinny" when you're surrounded by good food and drinks. I'm also pretty lazy when it comes to working out. This is why I emphasized “hardest” earlier because I don’t really try too hard.  I don't like being in the gym for hours and I get easily intimidated by those big gym junkies. I'm not one for diets either because as a person my sized - small and petite - you always get crazy looks like, "oh you don't even need to be on a diet, you should be eating more". This makes talking or even learning about diets almost aggravating. Everyone just assumes you’re in shape. (jokes on you! I'm not haha)

I also would like to admit I fall easily for the quick fixes ahem Skinny Me Tea…and basically anything and everything to get me out of working out. However, this year I am trying to be more positive and REALLY focus on my health.  I know I still look like I'm 15 but I am a few short years away from 30! Which means my body is starting to slow down and catch up on all the years I should have been working out but was eating shitty food instead. So, I truly believe that this is the year I should get it together. Plus, eventually, I am going to have to teach my kids healthy habits.

I found a couple of tips that “fit” people do easily every day. Like I said up-top it takes about 2 months to create a habit. Which overall 2 months out of my (potentially) 100 years is nothing. I think I can afford to take 2 months out of my life to make my health a priority for the sake of the rest of my life and my future kids.

Plus, summer and other outdoor activities are coming and I am tired of looking like a cheese puff.  

SO, here are some habits (some are more like guidelines) I'm going to try to get into:

  • Exercise for at least 15 minutes
  • Mix up your workout routine
  • Don't wait for something to get in shape (like an event or vacation)
  • The obvious - Drink lots of water
  • Stretch every morning & night
  • Set goals (start off small & realistic)
  • Keep the wine also all drinks to a minimum
  • Start slow
  • Don't compare yourself – This is so important, I do this too often. I always want to look like so and so but I really need to focus on my body and my realistic shape.

I know step 7 is probably the most intense step (keep wine to a minimum), but we can do it. Summer is right around the corner and I'm determined to get in shape, in a shape other than a potato anyways. I know these are pretty obvious tips, but every bit helps!

You never know, you might enjoy working out eventually! ;)

What also helps me get motivated is following a bunch of in shape people on Instagram, give them a good scroll and you'll find yourself in the gym too. My Favorite insanely in shape girls to follow are:





These ladies kill it in the gym and kill my self-esteem (haha jk) give them a follow & I promise they will make you want to get in shape. They have so many workout videos that I love to recreate at the gym. Especially, if you are a bit intimidated by the gym equipment like me they have simple and effective moves for any level of work out.

So, let's put the cake down and get in some better habits for 2018! 

 A Healthier Me

A Healthier Me