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Photo Outtakes

Photo Outtakes

You know behind every photo or selfie there is a billion that didn't make the cut. 

You can bet behind this photo there is a million, when your model is so testy and camera shy there is going to be some good outtakes. 

I love to see the final product of a photo but I think I love the outtakes even more. 

You know my carry on was not that perfect when done packing, or that I actually stuffed my pups in it but you get it, it's all for the photo. 

Course you have to make the brands happy and put some good product placement in there. Then that gets changed a million times. Or it needs to be moved like an inch to the left. 

I feel like it's the same with any photo

for instance, I know girls, since I am one, take about 50-100 selfies. They probably all look exactly the same but one strand of hair might be different in one or a different face. 

This photo is funny because my dog sleeps in my laundry baskets but she was like terrified to sit in my Away bag. 

I always appreciate the candid photos. I feel like those are the real photos. 

I also just wanted to show my dog off, cuz I think she's the cutest.  

Terrible model, so she's not for hire. 


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Bag: Away Travel

Swimwear (red top): Sundia Swimwear

Hair Products: Seven Haircare

Seven Hair Care.

Seven Hair Care.

I quit..

I quit..