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A Father's Day Letter.

A Father's Day Letter.

Im sure many of you think there are not enough words for your dad, and can't thank him enough. There isn't present in the world that could equate to all you've given us. 

so, this is my way of saying thank you daddy. over the internet so it stays forever. (that's what they say anyways haha)

Dear daddy,

thank you for all that you've ever done for me. 

As I get older I realize how tough life is, I realize how hard you work to keep it all together.  

I can't imagine having a child at my age and making it work. I can't even keep track of my dog sometimes. 

You've always supported me in everything I've done & still continue to do so. If even I have no clue as to what I want to do.

I know you'll always be there to cheer me on, even if I don't see you every day.  

Since day one you've been my hero, my biggest fan and best friend. The first person I call if anything goes wrong.  

I know today is Father's Day, but every day is Father's Day to me. I wouldn't be where I am today with out everything you've taught me.  

From knowing how to change my tires to making me the independent lady I am today.  

I apprecaite everything you've done. 

Even though you gave me this princess complex, I wouldn't change it for the world.  

Princess's are strong and you've given me what every princess should have.  

Uncondinital love & suport.  

So, this is my sappy letter to you daddy. All over the Internet, cuz once it's on there it must be true (haha)  

love you forever,  

your princess forever.  

I quit..

I quit..