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I've lived here for quite some time now. Like my whole 25 years. 

There's just something about living by the sea that is unlike any other.

I don't really visit this spot as often as I should. Sometimes life gets in the way and you can't find the time to take a walk on the beach.  But when you do you're reminded of just why you love this place. 

So many people flock to San Diego to just dip their toes in the ocean, to see this magnificent body of water.  I don't blame them, it's amazing. 

I love being by the beach for these reasons:

The Sun- where all those california tans come from. Except mine apparently, which comes from a bottle. because I can not tan to save my life. 

The Sand- It may get into every annoying crack you have, but it's also a free exfoliator.  No need to buy into all those coffee scrubs. 

The Water- Salt it's good for the soul and the sinuses. and that beachy mermaid hair everyone tries so hard to achieve. 

The people- you may just meet your new friend or 4 legged forever friend by the beach. I don't know why Californians have gotten this reputation of being mean, That's just LA.  

Add these all up and you get the best mix. 

I never want to live a life not by the sea, that would just be the worst. 

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