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Why I "hate" being Skinny.

Okay, don't take that title too seriously. 

I mostly just couldn't think of anything better.  

yes, I like being skinny and yes, I hate it too. 

Most of you probably just rolled your eyes at that too, because you probably think I have nothing wrong with me, but see, but see that's why  I never get to have my moment to talk about my problems.  

I am constantly stuck in this inbetween of you're so skinny I bet you look good in everything and also ew you should probably eat more.  

Which don't even get me started on the infamous line "eat a cheeseburger"  

like that doesn't insult me in the way you want it too, I wanna know are you paying for this burger & where do I get ?  

Cuz yes, I still like to eat. 

Nowadays, with all this social media and this pressure to look good, it's hard to just be you. 

People are meaner than ever now.  

Why can't we just be happy with who we are, I guess that will just be one of those questions that will forever be unanswered, just like why is my wine glass empty.  

Or why haven't I grown since 5th grade.  

Honestly, I say fuck the perfection. If you wanna eat that damn cake you do you sister!  

I should live more by those words, I say stop saying this is a "real woman"  cuz last time I checked I was real, people can see me I'm not a ghost. ( maybe color wise yeah) 

no wonder why people are trying so hard to be this perfect Instagram model or paint their face like nobody's business, like news flash people, I can recall plenty of these girls saying this isn't real life. It's just for that perfect picture then they go back to being human.  If they don't, then they are the ones who are not real. 

Maybe we should all look at life and what's in front of us instead of through your newest iPhone you know you can't afford ha. (Jk you probably can). 

live a little. love yourself. & eat the damn cake. 

so, this is my deep personal post for the day. Don't get used to it, I'm not that great at getting deep.  

Unless it's deep into the ice cream container.  

Love yourself ladies, love your body.  

and someone get me a burger.  



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