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Aerial Yoga.

Aerial Yoga.

I have always wanted to try Aerial Yoga. I just have never thought I could do it, because lets be honest I am not flexible whatsoever. 

While being Maui I was given the opportunity to try it out. I had to do it. I figured at least none of these people will never see me again. In case I am that one person who falls out of the swing or something dramatic. 

I really thought I was going to be that person due to my clumsiness and highly uncoordinated self. 

I was very wrong, it was actually very easy and such a great workout. I was really able to get deeper into my stretch without killing myself. My flexibility did not get in the way of anything either. Our instructor Dre was so great at showing us how to do the posing and really helped us to make sure we were doing it correctly. Since this was a beginner class she went slow and steady the whole time. I never felt rushed or pressured into doing something I couldn't. 

Even though this was technically a work out, I spent have the class laughing at myself and amazed that I could do it. It was great and relaxing all at the same time. I would highly recommend taking this class if you're going to be on Maui. 

It's located in Hotel Wailea on the west side of the island. On Mondays is when the beginner class is. Dre or Andrea is the instructor and has a wonderful calming personality, she was absolutely a gem. 

Like I said before Monday is the beginner class at 8am, also Thursday at 4pm and Saturday at 8:30am. 

If you have done this before and are more of an expert, then Friday at 4pm there is Aerial Yoga for Length and on Saturday around 11am there is a class for strength. 

You can check out Dre's amazing studio here at her website if you are interested in learning more ---> UPLIFT MAUI

I left this class feeling so stretched out and like I had a good core workout. I always think yoga is so relaxing and a good way to just clean the mind and what better way to do it while enjoying the ocean view. 


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