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Liebster Award

Liebster Award

A few days ago my friend Maddy, who writes her own fabulous blog (she has better grammar than me, she's profesh) nominated me for the Liebster Award. If you haven't heard of this you are not alone, I had no clue what she was talking about. I was excited though, I, Danielle Nicole was nominated for something other than fitting into a small space to get something! 

Then she popped my bubble of excitement. Apparently, you don't win anything.  

However, once she explained it to me and told me to actually read her blog, it sounded fun! It's a great way to connect with other bloggers and find out their secrets! So I decided to do it anyways :) 

It's simple,

-You get nominated and fill out the questions they give you. 

-Nominate 5-10 new bloggers and come up with questions for them to answer. 

-Thank the blogger who nominated you and publish their link on your social media or in your post. 

-Use the awards Official Image on your post. 

If you really need more rules and words then follow this link right HERE

So here are my answered questions from Maddy, Explore More Blogs

1. What's a place you've traveled to that you feel has the most interesting culture?

Japan. DEF JAPAN. I was confused 24/7 and I am about 99.9% sure they thought I was an alien. From what I did learn though, the culture there is amazing. I love that old tradition are still practiced in many parts of japan, even after thousands of years. 

2. What advice do you have for aspiring bloggers?

Find something you like and write about it don't try to fit in. Don't overload yourself with too many categories. If you like makeup, just stick with that.

Write for the right intentions. 

Never stop posting things! 

3. What's your number one travel advice/tip?

gee, I have so many. Just have fun! Don't worry about planning too much, I plan more what's going in my suitcase than what I am doing or seeing, I know something fun will always happen in a new place. 

Don't forget to make memories. 

But on the real, drink water get up as much as you can on a plane and don't bring home strangers. 

4.  Do you like traveling with someone or solo?

I love traveling with people. It's just so fun to have that time in your life together. 

5. Have any embarrassing moments that's happened during your travels?

I am a walking embarrassment. haha, It's usually when I try to speak a different language hah

or early flights and I act like I have never traveled before, like leaving a water bottle in the backpack or something like that. 

6. Do you prefer to go abroad or explore locally?

Good question, I like both. I love a new adventure and a new place. 

7. What's a unique experience you've had via your travels?

I think it's just trying new things that you can't have back in your home town. I have so many I can't think of just one. 

8. What made you want to get into blogging?

Just telling people what I have to say, I wanted a place for people to feel like they left where ever they are and are right there with me. I wanted people to know me, the real me and not a picture they see online. 

9. What do you feel is the hardest part about the travel? The most rewarding?

The hardest part of traveling is traveling. 

The most rewarding is feeling those landing wheels hit the ground hahaha 

10. What's one place you definitely recommend your readers visit?


Don't worry you'll survive the triangle. 

Here are my questions for my nominees

1. Give a tip for other bloggers or potential blog starters:

2. Give a travel tip for travelers:

3. What is the scariest thing you have experienced while traveling?

4.How do you plan your content while traveling or before you travel?

5. Number one place on your bucket list

6. If you could take anyone with you on your travels, who would it be? I'm talking ANYONE

7. Do you get homesick while you're gone?

8. What's one thing you do to survive long flights?

9. If you had to move, where would you go

10. Do you like planning your trips or going with the flow?

11. What scares you while traveling. ex. flying, crowds, language barriers,? 


Now it's your turn!

I've nominated:

Taylor- @SandsandSequins - BLOG BLOG

Kristy- @thenomadnextdoor 

Savannah- @saltwatervibesblog- BLOG

Jessica-@thejessicajourney- BLOG

Be sure to check them out! 

Have fun ladies! 

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