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Photos from the Getty

Photos from the Getty

Going to the Getty is always an inspiring trip. The whole place is a piece of art.

I haven’t been to this museum in a long time, it is quite far from Oceanside but now that Casey lives in Santa Monica it’s much easier to get to.

It’s cool to see what everyone deems as “ART” I am a real firm believer that art is what you make of it. Essentially, anything can be art to me.

Although to be honest, we weren’t there to see the art. I mean we were… but mostly to take photos. Casey has been on this kick of taking a photo every day. Which has been great because we both get content daily for his Instagram and my blog. I’ll probably do a whole blog on art museums in LA and go more into depth about what to see and what do here but this blog I just honestly wanted to post more of the photos we took!

But, wait can we go back to talking about art for a second. I love art, I love looking at it, I love creating things, I LOVE ALL THINGS VISUAL. This is why I went to a strictly Art based College. Which many of you thought I was just getting my education in coloring correctly in the lines of coloring books! Hahaha but it was so much more than that, it was about creating art! I’m sorry you had to learn math and all the boring stuff, I just picked a more enjoyable route!

I went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and got my degree in Visual Communications. Which was like the degree if you couldn’t decide on one degree say like Fashion Design or Merchandising and Marketing, you got a little bit of everything in the Visual Communications Degree. Which I loved and am so thankful younger me decided on that because everything you see now is VISUAL! Yeah, thank you, INSTAGRAM for that! You have really let me use my degree like no other. Many of you just think it’s all about posting photos but, it is soooooooo much more now. Instagram is several peoples resumes, art portfolios, marketing tools, online shopping, the list goes on and on…honestly if you didn’t know this, Instagram is marketing’s best friend…I’m getting off topic a bit, I could just go on and on about Instagram honestly, it’s really the future.

BUT Back to Art…

What I am trying to say is that everything is ART. I mean if a stick on a wall can be art than anything REALLY can be art.

So, I recommend coming to the Getty (or any museum really) and just get inspired by anything and everything!

Like I said in my last post:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
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