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My Lip Filler Experience

My Lip Filler Experience

Okay, we are all WELL AWARE of Kylie Jenners lips and how she OBVIOUSLY has them filled. 

I feel like she just created a mess for everyone and unrealistic expectations.

 Except lip dr's they are probably like finally! I can have my moment! 

Not like this is anything new, I just feel like she (Kylie) brought so much attention to this area. Every girl on the earth is like "oh, I want those lips" but in all actuality they don't look good on everyone! I feel like no one looks at the whole picture of what their face would look like if they actually khad her lips. 

Kylie grew up under a microscope, I mean she grew up overnight. When you have sisters like Kim and Khloe, who have very dramatic features and your sister is a mega super model, of course you'll want something to stand out too. But like hell, she made a damn empire out of it, so it works for her. 

I wanted to see if it would work for me too(no, i'm not making a lip kit), I had to figure this out for myself. I didn't want the size of her lips, but I wanted to see if it actually made me feel better about myself and clear away all the myths about getting this done. 

DISCLAIMER; I AM NOT PROMOTING FAKE BEAUTY. I think everyone is pretty in there own way. However, if you feel the need to do something, then do it. JUST THINK ABOUT IT. 

I visited Moradi MD office in Vista, a local office to me. To Talk to Dr. Watson and his team about lip injections. 


Personally, FOR ME, I don't really have a problem with "enhancing" my face. I know I was given a good one to start with but I mean hey, I have my own insecurities too. (Yes, my lips have been one for me.) 

With out the fillers, my top lip is basically gone.  

With out the fillers, my top lip is basically gone.  

I felt like, when I smiled my top lip disappeared. But that's my thoughts about my own insecurities.  

I wanted this to be "fixed"

Dr. Watson explained to me that he would be using Restylane and how that is more natural to the body vs. Juvederm. 

Since I was just desiring a more fuller look in my lips. This is also more temporary, my body will try to break this down naturally. 

Your lip injections can last any where from 6months to a year, it depends on how fast your metabolism is or just in general how quickly your body breaks things down. 

Find out which is right for you here 

This gel is injected the same way any filler is, by numbing the lips for about 20 min and then injected by small needles. 

I was so numb! It was amazing, I did not feel anything. I was so expecting this to be painful but I had the best experience. Dr. Watson also adds more numbing to the actual injection so it helps for a even more pleasant experience. He was fast and precise with every injection. Making sure that everything was perfect. I felt so comfortable with him, I had full confidence that he knew exactly what he was doing. 

Lips before with numbing cream setting.  

Lips before with numbing cream setting.  

The whole team at Moradi, was so so so beyond comforting and so helpful. Everyone really knew exactly what they were talking about. 

Right after the injections  

Right after the injections  

It's been about 24hours since I've had them done and I honestly am so BEYOND happy with the look of them, Dr. Watson gave me the most natural looking lips. I notice a complete difference in my smile and I do have to say, I feel more confident in my smile. 

I was really nervous I was going to bruise, but honestly that could be any one! You just never know, even if I did bruise, I don't think it would scare me from doing it again. It's just your body's natural reaction. 

I did get the normal tenderness and redness that anyone else would get if they get a shot anywhere. 

I feel like there such a crazy stigma now attached to this whole thing. Honestly, I think it really helps picking the right Doctor who can walk you through all the myths and questions. YOU REALLY HAVE TO SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE. 

If you walk into an office and ask for lips the size of pillows and your Doctor actually does it, then that's where you run into the problems. A good doctor will show you what you really need to complement your true beauty. 


I am beyond excited to share this with you guys and hear your thoughts about this!  

Also have a vlog coming up soon! so stay tuned for this journey! 

My smile with the filler, so much more fuller!  

My smile with the filler, so much more fuller!  



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