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Currently, Life

Currently, Life

I haven't kept up much on here lately. Here's why:

My jobs got in the way.


I know most of you are probably like wtf does she do anyways?!

Well, some of you know I used to work in aviation, which is why I got to fly to a lot of places. I mean that was one of the best/worst jobs I ever had. 

Loved the flight perks, disliked the people yelling at me because the flight was late. 

Like, oh! sorry, I flew the plane in late with my pilot's license I don't have. 

But, aside from that, yes please let me fly anywhere. 


Eventually, I gave that up...  I know, what you're thinking... WTF you gave up free flights?! Let me tell you it's not as glamourous as it sounds. 


I went on a pursuit to figure out a new job. Being in aviation was not what I truly wanted to do. I went to school to be creative and that is what I wanted, something where I could be creative and it wasn't the typical office job. Eventually, I found another job as a social media coordinator for a bikini company, I was excited to see where this company could take me, I love bikinis and the power of social media is just insane now, so I was so excited to have this position. 

Unfortunately, I know everyone can relate to the "Terrible Boss" situation. Sadly, mine just got a little too unbearable. So I removed myself from the company. 

Which leads me to now. 

So, here I am deciding on working for me again or finding another 9-5. I'm getting older, I don't think a lot of you know but I am 26, so for me to not have a job right now is really nerve racking. 

I have to consider things like my Health Insurance, I'm scared to go outside, I can't afford to die hah it's too expensive. I would like to have a house one day and retire, like is that possible if I work on my own? 

Fortunately, I have an amazing support system. My family and Casey have always been there to help me figure things out. I am thankful for them in every way. They have really helped me with anything and everything, including figuring out how the hell to ' ADULT ' properly (even though casey is younger than me haha). 

BUUT I am excited to get busy on my blog posts, traveling and maybe youtube, who knows! I can only be positive in this situation and know that the world has something planned for me, but for now I am going to make my own plans :)

So, get ready for more sarcasm and nonsense! I got a whole bunch coming your way :) 

My Favorite Photos from 2017

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