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2018 is DAYS AWAY.

Feels more like a few hours away, but who’s keeping track.

I was asked the other day what my plans for next year were and I had nothing to say. I couldn’t think of a single thing I had planned (aside from drinking all the wine and casually taking over the world) I couldn't think of one answer. So, I quickly started thinking of places I want to go and things I need to accomplish for myself. (like grow up, lol)

I feel like the awkward time between Christmas and New Years is a time to reflect on things that you really want for the upcoming year. Yes, we all want to work out, eat better and get rid of that annoying ex-boyfriend that keeps you hanging on. But what else do we really want? It's a time to think deep and hard about what failed us this year and what worked. 

Personally, I think a lot of things failed me this year. Mostly myself hah SO I'm taking this time to make a list of things I want to see, need to do and get organized for the future. 

So, BRB grabbing a glass of wine and a map :) 

So, i've always had a few bucket list spots on my list forever now, but looking at a map really opens your eyes to different spots you may have forgotten about. 

Here is my Bucket list for 2108!


2.     Iceland

3.     St. Lucia

4.     Costa Rica

5.     The Big Island aka Hawaii

6.     Cuba

7.     Thailand

8.     Bora Bora

9.     The Maldives

10.  Australia

11.  Greece

12.  Russia- Yeah, you read that right.

13.  Indonesia

14.  Vietnam

15.  Japan- Yes, again.

16.  Egypt

17.  South Africa

18.  Madagascar

19.  London

20.  Greenland

21.  China

22.  Fiji

23.  New Zealand

24.  Italy

25.  Germany- Yes, again

26.  Turkey

27.  Morocco

28.  Prague  

29.  Portugal

30.  Napa Valley- Drink all the WINE AND THEN SOME!

Okay, I may not get to all these places in 2018 it's more of like my bucket list for life? Ha-ha.BUT good thing I love exploring and going to new places! I don’t think I would ever say no to going somewhere. UNLESS I felt extra unsafe, I mean I put Russia on my list, so I am really open to anything at this point in my life (Sorry Mom).

I would love to be able to go to all these places in 2018 and just live a nonstop life out of my suitcase, that would be a great life for 2018! But like I said above too I want to accomplish some personal things too, like:

1.     More traffic to my Blog

2.     Consistently post blogs every week

3.     Make some new friends

4.     Collaborate more with brands

5.     More self-confidence

6.     Be Happy with the way things are going

7.     Never give up

8.     Be more persistent

9.     Don’t give up on projects I want to start

10.  Just be me :) 

I feel like these are pretty basic things to do and say but it’s true, I need to do them! I get too caught up in my head that I pretty much fail before I start. I get so excited about a project then start to think logically about it then give up. I never even try to get it off the ground and out of my head. This year is going to be my year of just saying yes to everything and doing everything. I’ll be up later, working harder and never giving up, making 2018 “my year” (LOL, yeah, I said it)

NEW YEAR NEW ME!! LOL, yeah, I said that too hahahahah

What are you trying to accomplish next year?

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