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Bye Oceanside, it's been fun.

Bye Oceanside, it's been fun.

Okay, I think I am being a bit dramatic here, but I don't really care. 

Just hear me out. 

I've lived in Oceanside for 26 YEARS, I repeat 26 YEARS. MY WHOLE LIFE (so far) & yes, I am that old. 

That is a long ass time. I know all the ins and outs of that place but yet still manage to get lost. LOLOL @ ME. 

But besides that, it's home more than anything.

This is where I get dramatic...

I am leaving my home I've grown up in, gone to school,  did things I shouldn't have with friends I am leaving behind. 

I'm leaving behind all my memories, now to be replaced with new ones in a new location. My family is now farther from me. So is my go to wine spot. What I am I supposed to do? 

I feel like I am really over thinking moving, but I also REALLY feel like this is what it is like to grow up. So maybe that is why I am freaking out, who knows. 

I know, I'm only going about an hour away but acting like I am going to Africa, but still. This is my first big move. I mean I have moved a lot, but it's always with in Oceanside. So this is different. I know, I am being dramatic but just let me live. This is why I have my blog, so I can just write shit. HA HA HA since no one will listen to my dramaticness about this in real life.. (insert eye-roll emoji)


 If you live in Orange, we should be friends. I got rid of all my other ones. The drive was too long to see them. Too much effort. Sorry friends. 

I am fun, I like wine and outside activities Just as long as they are in between the hours of 10 am - 5 pm (ha ha) also please like dogs and eating food. 

September is Suicide month

September is Suicide month

Who am I?

Who am I?