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September is Suicide month

September is Suicide month

September is always a month that is important to me in a few ways, 

One it's my Grandma & Dad's birthday month. 

& Two its Suicide Prevention Month. 

Bet you didn't know that. I didn't either until one of my best friends took her life. Then I knew all about it. 

It's been about 6 years since I've been dealing with this, and every November it all comes back to the surface. 

At 20 you don't really think about attending someone's funeral, you think about which party am I going to tonight or what life will be like when you finally hit that big 21. You never think about what it is like to lose a best friend. 

There is nothing that will prepare you for the feeling of losing someone. It felt worse knowing that I just saw her, talked to her and everything was okay. That's the thing about depression though, sometimes you never see it coming.

Kristen was the most bubbly, out going, blonde haired blue eyed gorgeous girl inside and out, the legit definition of a California Girl. Which is why, when I had to explain to people when inviting them to her funeral, it confused everyone. 

People would always say, "but she seemed so happy". Yeah, it's easy to be happy on the outside. But no one knew how she felt on the inside. Depression is not a joke or something to be taken lightly, it can happen to any one at any age. It's easy to think, "oh no one understands me or I am the only one, no one can help me" but there is always someone out there to help. 

This is why November is National Suicide Awareness Month, to bring light to this. This is something that is a near and dear subject to my heart. It breaks my heart knowing so many people struggle with depression and think that the best way to over come this is to end their life.

I really want people to know that someone is always there. You can call a hotline 1-800-273-8255, this is open 24/7! Call your friends, mom, dad, me I don't care just talk to someone. No one will judge. 

I know this post is heavy, but I just want people to know that there is always someone there. 

If you know anyone or you are struggling, please call 1-800-273-8255 or message me. I will gladly help & take you for ice cream! 


p.s These are not the best photos, I just haven't found my hard drive with the rest since moving. :0 

Currently, Life

Currently, Life

Bye Oceanside, it's been fun.

Bye Oceanside, it's been fun.