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How to UNFU*K Yourself.

How to UNFU*K Yourself.

I came across this photo while scrolling mindlessly through Facebook. 

IMG_0356 2.PNG

For some reason, it really spoke to me.

I have been thinking about this a lot, trying to figure where in my life I got so self-conscious about me. Where along the lines did I get this thought in my head that I can’t do it or where I lost my sparkle and creativity that I had so long ago. And most importantly how the HELL I GET THIS BACK!

I started thinking and came up with at least few times in my life I could have very well have lost this self-confidence.

Let’s flashback to high school Danielle, very confident, had lots of friends, life was good, had an attitude of I don’t care what you think ‘blah blah blah’. Just like many of you probably were in high school, tiny naive humans. Oh, the things I would tell this girl haha.

Things I try to tell my step sister, like don’t date that guy or pay attention in math class LOL.

Things I wish someone would have told me, while I was young. But then again, you live and you learn right!

After high school was a significantly different story she was so unaware of the things life could throw at her so quickly to dim her shine.

Nothing in High School teaches you to be ready for the emotional ride life takes you on.   

I would say the first-time life took away some of my sparkliness was when one of my best friends passed away. I was so young, I wasn’t ready for the emotional outcome of that. I felt like I lost a few years of my own young life. I had to grow up and realize that losing people is a real thing. None of my other close friends knew what was going on, I felt so lost and confused for the first time ever in my life. I swear she took a piece of my sunshine with her, which is okay. But I would say this defiantly left a mark on my soul.

I would say the second thing that ruined my life along with probably yours as well.


It’s a love fucking hate relationship with this. I love it, it helps me do my job there is no way I would have been able to go where I have gone without it. But also, like holy cow are these people for real? Do you really wake up looking so perfect, or does your boyfriend really buy you 100+ balloons every day with roses, NO, that shit is expensive, that doesn’t happen! Stop making you and your life look perfect. If you’re going to sit there and tell me this doesn’t mess with you in some sort of way, I’m going to have to call you out on that. BULLSHIT

SOCIAL MEDIA HAS FU*KED EVERYONE UP IN SOME WAY. You know you get mad at your S.O for liking so and so’s photo! You know those skinny vegan girls mess up your confidence to rock that bikini. I’ll admit it, they mess with my head too!

This is what’s really fu*ked everyone up. This is why this photo spoke to me because I need to go UNFU*K myself, get rid of all those pesky thoughts in my head saying I can’t do it or why even bother.

SO this is what I have been doing:

Every time I see a hot girl and her body is rocking and mine is just rolling (lol) I have to remember; this girl works hard to look like that she didn’t just wake up like that. I could look better too if I tried, but I don’t put the effort into that like she does. SO good for her, she’s doing that for her!

Every time I see someone doing better than me I have to remember; that’s not my journey, I’m still working on my success. Everyone writes their own story at their own pace.  

Every time I see someone eating better than me I have to remember; I like different food! I don’t need to be a Vegan or Vegetarian, I could, but I like my Mexican food too much!

Every time I see someone with more followers than me I have to remember; I will get there, they worked hard for those followers and gave people a reason to follow them, I’m still perfecting my progress!

I try to turn every negative thought into something positive. Everyone is human, we are all learning at the rate that we are supposed to learn. I don’t think social media is going anywhere anytime soon. So, we're just going to have to deal with it. And get back to who we were before all of this killed our shine. 

Everything gets better with time. 

I think by gradually adding all the positive thoughts back into your life it will SURELY give you back your sparkle!

Just make sure you take time out of your day, to UNFU*K yourself <3

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