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The Valentines Day Struggle

The Valentines Day Struggle

Okay, first off, I want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and this isn’t an oh maybe she hasn’t found someone to make her happy post, because I have. I just choose not to believe that out of all 365 days, I need ONE DAY for my Bf to make me happy with flowers and dinner.

SOOO with that being said, let’s begin.

I’ve been thinking about Valentines since it hit shelfs in December, right after Christmas. I can’t begin to tell you how much I dislike Valentine’s Day. I hate it because it’s made so many people miserable and lonely for NO REASON. Someone’s made us believe that we need flowers, candy and a nice dinner to be made happy. LIKE WHY? Yes, those are all really nice gestures but do we need them? NO. It’s bad enough to be reminded every day about how you don’t have a special someone to take your Instagram photos with. Now, you get and ultimate reminder every February the 14th of just how lonely you are. Like EW, my eyes rolled back so far into my head im sure I saw my brain. No one should ever think they are lonely. Let alone have flowers and candy determine their worth.

Even for me someone who has been in a relationship for 6 years, I get to do so many things with Casey and see the world with him. Why on earth would I expect a “special night” when we have so many of those already. It’s so much extra stress that is so unneeded. It’s truly special to be with someone for as long as I have been with Casey. I don’t expect anything on Valentine’s day and I don’t expect to be wined and dined when I have so many other special memories with him that no restaurant can ever re-create for us.

I think this day is just so overrated, restaurants are always booked, busy and overpriced. Guys have so much pressure to prove themselves with the best Valentine’s day surprise. Especially with social media now, girls just posting left and right on who got the best surprise or the most romantic dinner spot or shoot even the ones getting engaged on valentine’s day, ugh, yuck.

It’s particularly annoying to know how this one day can affect so many girl’s feelings. I am a real big believer that girls don’t need anyone to make them feel special. They want someone to make them feel special, sure, but do they need another person to make them feel something, no. This is where yourself love needs to come in. This is why I think Valentine’s day is dumb because it takes away a girl’s confidence in herself. Valentine’s day says you need an S.O to get you flowers, take you to dinner or buy you chocolate and an overly stuffed bear you have no idea what to do with. It’s just so silly on so many levels.

Everyone needs to feel loved every day, bottom line. 

Not just one day out of the year. If you’re  lucky to have someone like I do, who makes you happy 365 Days out of the year you’ll realize just how silly this holiday is.  

Even if you don’t have someone, you should never let other people’s happiness get in the way of yours. You will find someone who truly makes you feel special. There is what 7 billion people on this earth. Trust me they are out there.  

If you want my opinion, I say spend the day with yourself, forget the hype buy yourself dinner and drink a whole bottle of wine, with out getting judged haha.

Treat yo self!  

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