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Danielle's Current Situation

Danielle's Current Situation

Hello, Friends.  

P.s I am really hoping you read "situation" like The Situation said it in Jersey Shore. 


I haven't updated this in a while. my b. I don't have any real excuses as to why I haven't been posting or writing on my blog aside from the pure fact that I've just been busy with life. 

I haven't been traveling or doing anything exciting, in fact the last trip I took was in February and to be honest I don't know when my next trip will be. And, you know what i'm okay with that. I know something will come along and or I will find something to do. But, in the meantime I just wanted to give you a little life update and tell you whats been going on over here with me! 

FIRST, I've just come to the conclusion I'll never be an influencer, so I've given up on that dream. hah just kidding it was never my dream to do that but... I love taking photos but I don't love being in front of the camera so much. I am 100% that awkward person who moves too much while trying to take a photo so every photo comes out looking like a blurry mess of disappointment. 

I also, hate taking photos of shit I am not going to promote. If I tell you I like something, then I fucking like it. No one paid me to say that shit and I never want someone to think that. I get that's how a lot of them make their money, but like I am so over my Instagram feed becoming an endless scroll of #ads. 

So, I've also given up on trying to make my Instagram match and look pretty. I can't even make myself match and be pretty on a daily basis so why should I pretend that's me? (lol)

SECOND, I've joined a company called Arbonne. AND YOU KNOW WHAT, I LIKE IT.. I know, you're probably rolling your eyes right now (if you've made it this far, lol) But honestly, I use the products and I truly believe in them, I’ve seen them work first hand. If you've been paying attention to anything I’ve been saying on my blog and ig then you know I've been trying to switch all my products to Vegan and cruelty-free products and guess what Arbonne is all of that and beyond. Like I said above, if I fucking like something then I like it. 

I've watched a few of my clients change the way they eat and feel because of this and it makes me so happy knowing I can help them. SO, don't judge me, lol. When I speak about Arbonne on my Instagram just know I use these products every day and love them and know plenty of people who could testify to this too! :) 

Honestly, I feel like how is any direct marketing comapny any different than being an influencer? They both are selling something they want you to buy, right? YES, there are shitty MLM’s out there and sketchy ones, but I would never involve myself, friends or family in that kind of nonsense if I didn’t do my own research first. I’ve done my share of looking up things on this and yeah there are some negative things about Arbonne but guess what?! That’s L I F E, you’re certainly not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s OKAY. I was really hesitant about sharing this because I didn’t want people to think I was involved in some crazy annoying scam, but I figured what the hell, fuck what everyone thinks, this is my life and I am happy being involved in this. I do this for me and not for the money, I certainly am not rich off doing this. I know I have the potential to make more income from this, but I have to work at it like every other job, I was never promised a get rich quick scheme. SO, yes I am doing it!

THIRD, I've started my own company FINALLY. 

You guys don't know how long I’ve been wanting to do this, I’ve always come up with a million excuses as to why I can't do it. You have no idea the how many times I’ve fought with myself about this. I don't know what finally made me just throw in the towel, I guess I just thought you know what, "what do I have to lose, really?" I felt like I never knew what it was going to be like if I didn't try. I was already feeling shitty about my life so, I was like okay, just fucking do it dude. Plus, the help from my family, boyfriend and best friend have been amazing. They have really been helping a ton to get this going!

I've legit dreamed of having my own swim line for about forever now. Why bikinis? I don't really know? I just know I know all about them and could spend hours thinking about them ha. But it’s really more of my love and obsession with the ocean. I love being anywhere by the water, but don't ask me to get in it if it's below like 80 and or I cannot see my feet hah. BUT the energy of the ocean is just amazing to me!

SO yeah world meet Penny Lane & Co

She's pretty badass, basically everything I am not ha-ha :) 

Also, she's still in the works we are waiting for samples and everything else, so hang tight! I'll officially announce when its dropping on my Instagram once we get all that figured out! 

I am super excited about her and I have been thinking about things nonstop and how she’s going to be different to stand out among the millions and millions of other swim companies. It’s for sure been a challenge and there are so many small details that go into something like this, but I have never been more excited for something like this before in my life! I am so happy to have something that is mine that I created from the ground up and to where I can confidently say “This is MY COMPANY bitchessss!!” haa but seriously I am so excited! Plus, I have an amazing business partner too! SO, we’ve been making a ton of progress!

SO, YEAH, that’s pretty much what’s been going on over here. It’s been so nice to focus on some things that are 1) helping me for my future and 2) somethings that’s in my REAL life. I always thought Instagram was helping me (which don’t get me wrong it does sometimes) do something for my future but it wasn’t, it was just creating distractions and unrealistic ideas for me. It’s been nice not having the pressure, I suggest taking some time away from it. OH! I actually read a book too while I tried to stay off of it, it was great. Hah

But really, if you’ve made it this far and actually read all that, I salute and love you ha-ha

You are the REAL MVP!


Here are some puppies to thank you with. 

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