Social Media Consulting & Content Creation 

Social media is all about research, consistent photos and engaging within your industry. Let's be frank though, not everyone has time for that. You have 500 other things that are on your plate! This is where we come in for you, we have the time and the right equipment to give you the highest quality content. 

We offer many different packages and each one is customizable according to your needs. Don't be shy, send over an email and let's get started! Pricing can vary on what you may need / want. 


If you would like to email me about a blog collaboration or joining my Arbonne Team, feel free to say Hi! I can send over my media kit on request as well. 

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Starting Social 

+ I will work with you on your business's social media presence and help you understand and get more acquainted with Social Platforms. 

+ We can work together on creating a monthly social calendar to make sure you have quality and engaging content. 

+ Also working together to create your "brand identity" on social media. Making sure that is clear in all your content and overall esthetics of your feed.  

Influencer Reach  

+ We will help you reach out to the best Influencer's for your target audience and create engaging content with you and the influencer. 

Content Creation 

+ We can help you create content for the day to day posts and even going beyond to creating a full campaign for your business. We will help gather models, photographers, locations, etc. 

+ Photoshoot styling and Social Media Photography. 


Instagram Takeover 

+ Day by day I can handle your account from responding to comments, DM's or posting photos. 

$20 a day flat fee