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Drug Store Makeup I Swear by

Drug Store Makeup I Swear by

Alright, you guys are about to see just how little to no effort I put into my beauty routine.

Some of my favorite places to buy makeup consist of Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, CVS and every so often the Dollar Tree (gasp, I know).

I have never found my face to be a problem, I know I have been very fortunate to always have “normal” skin so, I never thought it was too important to spend a lot of money on makeup. Plus being a girl, in general, is expensive (hello, pink tax) for me to buy $50.00 foundation on top of $40.00 powder plus all the other items I'm not even going to attempt to list, is insane, it gets downright fucking expensive.

I’m a big fan of trying to save my money and trying to get the best possible deal out there. I am for sure that someone who will attempt to buy something but will take me 10 years to eventually buy it because I want to find the cheapest price out there. Thank goodness, I’ve learned that you can always find things cheaper somewhere (like the dollar tree, love that place so much!). I probably still have the same clothes from high school because I refuse to buy new clothes sometimes. Besides, let’s be real I only wear my work out clothes anyways ha-ha. Girls have so many things to buy and keep up with, I’d rather be a simple girl and spend my money elsewhere.

Over the years, I really haven’t seen a change to my skin except it has become a bit dyer, so that is the only area I will slightly spend more money on now because I see the importance of investing into my skin as I'm getting older. However, I am still a big fan of Ponds Dry Skin lotion which is so cheap and has lasted me such a long time. Since I haven’t seen a big dramatic skin change, I still stick to the same makeup products I have been using for years (literally). About a few years ago I was introduced to E.L.F Cosmetics and have since then been a huge fan, I mean you can’t really beat there pricing- $3.00 for eyeliner, yes, please.

I don’t have a huge makeup bag to “beat my face” with as the young kids are saying nowadays, but I do have a lot of insight on which ‘Drug Store Makeup’ is going to get you the most for your money.

fyi, I was not paid in any way for this post, all words and thoughts are my own! 

fyi, I was not paid in any way for this post, all words and thoughts are my own! 

1.     E.l.f Cosmetics- Like I said I am a big fan of them. They have great pricing and actually great quality products. A few of my favorite products are:

a.     Lip Colors

b.     Eyeliner

c.     Foundation brushes/eye brow brush

d.     Eyebrow powder

e.     Face masks

2.     Bronzer - Physicians Formula, INC. – I think they have hands down one of the best bronzers out there for fair skinned people. I am a fair skinned girl, so my bronzer needs to be really light and complementing to my skin tone, otherwise, it looks like I am trying way too hard to be tan. And let’s just face that fact, it’s never going to happen.  

3.     Foundation – Loreal- So far, this has been my favorite foundation. It covers everything nicely and its light enough to if I want, I can layer it up. I like when foundations are buildable, it makes me feel like I don’t have to wear a lot at once. Or if I feel like really covering my face up with foundation, I have that option. Plus, a little really goes a long way.

4.     Mascara- Rimmel London- Not going to lie here, I haven’t bought mascara in so long since I have been getting eyelash extensions. But before I had extension, I would get the Scandal Eyes Mascara and it would work wonders. My lashes were always plump, long and never looked like tiny spider legs stuck together.

5.     Moisturizer- Ponds- My grandma always put lotion on every night before we would go to bed and every night she would make me and my brother do the same. She always said this was her secret to looking so young (& trust me she looks young) and that we should always do the same, and to never forget our neck and hands.

Fun Fact: You can really tell someone’s age by looking at their neck and hands.

Anyways, when I got older I figured out which brand my grandma would use and bought it right away. I have never found anything comparable to it, nor have I really tried ha-ha. It also makes for a great makeup remover, I use it sometimes when I don’t have any makeup remover wipes left.

6.     Liquid Highlighter & Contour Pallet- NYX- I love the Highlighter when I want to add some sparkle to my look. It’s not often but when I do this is such a good one to have! It has lasted me a long time because a little goes a long way!

The Contour Pallet is everything to me. I am not an advanced makeup guru by any means, I know little to nothing about makeup, but I know this pallet is everything. It always gives me that extra finesse to my face when needed. It’s really simple to use and always goes on really light. Plus, the pallet gives you a good color range because we all have different skin tones, duh.

7.     Primer- Revlon – I recently came across this when I was going up and down the Walgreen isle for new makeup. I have always wanted to try a “photo ready” primer but never wanted to spend the money. I’ll admit it this was a bit pricey for me (about 12.99), but I think it was worth it. I mean I am in front of a camera more often than I would like sometimes haha. It goes on really nice and makes my foundation look great.

8.     Eyeliner - Cover Girl- On the off chance if I put eyeliner on, I always use the cover girl Perfect Point Plus Pen. It has a retractable eye crayon and a soft little pillow on the other end to help you clean up any mistakes or help you create a smoky black eye look.

These are all of my favorite make up products that I use just about every day! Which products are your favs? 



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