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Lazy Girl Makeup Tips

Lazy Girl Makeup Tips

So, if you're anything like me and are like beyond not a morning person, you'll appreciate this post.

I will choose sleep a hundred times over than looking like a Kylie Jenner replica. Which usually leaves me looking like a hot mess, but then again that's usually because I'm too lazy to paint the shit outta my face and contour this and that. So, if that sounds anything like you, I've come up with a few tips and my favorite items to make us look less of a hot mess and more of I've got my shit together kind of look

Here are some tips for getting it together:

  1. Get plenty of sleep- As I have gotten older, the more I realize how hard this is. I love that my phone (an iPhone) tells me how much sleep I will be getting in the bedtime mode. I try to always aim for 8 hours (excessive, I know) But I know my body will thank me if I get a good nights rest. 
  2. Drink plenty of water- This too is really hard for me. I know for a fact I am probably constantly dehydrated. I don't know why its hard for me to drink the appropriate 8 glasses a day, but so easy for me to drink a whole bottle of wine haha. This is a small resolution I actually made to myself was to drink more water.  
  3. Vaseline- I think this is the oldest trick in the book. I love the tiny lip balm packs they sell at any Wal-Mart or drug stores. I read somewhere that there is actually an ingredient in most chap-sticks that dry out your lips so you have to keep buying the brand. I just buy the huge one and it's super inexpensive as well, it has lasted me for so long.
  4. Eyelash Curler- Basically the best tool you could own as a girl. They make your lashes go from - shy girl to a stripper try'in to make that dolla.
    1. protip one- Heat up your curler with a blow dryer to make your lashes really pop.
    2. protip two- When putting on your mascara curl the lashes before then apply a coat of mascara, but instead of just applying like normal wiggle the
      wand side to side to get maximum coverage and it helps spread out the lashes, so they don't come out clumpy.
  5. Bronze & Blush- Do it, Don't forget it. You don't want to look dead, or have people questioning you about how tired you look or are you sick? Like, thanks, this is just my face.
  6. BB cream- the easiest thing to make you look like you tried. Just put it on like lotion. No need to use all those brushes and egg-shaped sponge things although I like to. 
  7. Dry Shampoo- Probably the best thing ever, who has time to shower nowadays. (haha) Just kidding, but this is a lifesaver when you are in a time crunch or just want that good hair day to last one more day. 
  8. Under eye cream- This has been a true lifesaver, let me tell you. I love the 100% Pure cream because it has caffeine in it and is a cruelty-free brand. This has helped when I wasn't able to get a full nights rest and calm the puffiness down. 

Also, I know everyone's all about them brows, but I seriously don't have time to spend 307893874 hours on my brows. I love just grabbing those sample mascara wands from Sephora and using those to comb out my brows and just adding some filler to them. Mac has the best brow pencils.


Other than that, I don't do much to my face. UNLESS it's Friday and I have somewhere to go, which is a slim to zero chance.

Drug Store Makeup I Swear by

Drug Store Makeup I Swear by