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8 Things to do before leaving the Country.

8 Things to do before leaving the Country.

So, I am set to go out of the country for a few days soon! Which I am beyond excited for, because that means another stamp in the passport! 

Even if it's just Mexico!

Regardless of where you are going though, going out of the country is alway a bit more complicated than domestic travel. Here a some of the things I do to make it easier for my out of country journey.


1. Have my Passport.

- I always make sure I know exactly where my passport is, I try to bring it out a few days before I go just so I know where it is. Once I have it out I alway take a photo of the page that has all your information. This is good to have if your passport gets stolen, you can actually prove you are who you are. I also take a photo of my drivers license, just incase. 


2. Screen Shot your Flight Info & print for back up. 

-This will save you from spending time trying to log in and will be easy for you to pull up when you are trying to check in. Also screen shot your boarding pass if you like to use your phone and want to save trees. 


- As a former boarding agent for an airline, I hated more than anything when someones phone turns off while i'm trying to get them on board. Then they sit for a good minute or two trying to get it back up. The paper ones are so much easier to scan and just move along. plus you can always save them and use them for something cool down the line. 

3. Call my Bank.

- Nothing is more annoying or embarrassing than having your credit card denied, especially in a different country. You can call a few days a head or while you're waiting for you flight, just give them a list of the countries you'll be seeing and what dates you plan to be gone. I believe all banks have an international number to call just incase, so that's all always good to put in your phone incase you lose your card. 

4. Get whatever Currency to which Country you'll be in. 

- It's so helpful to have cash with you. Believe it or not some places don't take credit cards so it's always better to have a different form of payment on you. A lot of banks also charge a foreign exchange rate if you use a card out of your home country. 

- Also a good idea to look up a tipping guide for where ever you are going. Not everyone is super stoked to get a tip after a meal!

- Also going to local banks in said country will probably get you a better conversion rate, airports are the worst place to get money from. 

5. Learn some basic words. 

- It's always helpful if you can at least say : Thank you, Your welcome, Hello and Goodbye! When traveling to a different country not everyone will know how to speak your main language. Plus you're more than likely to get a lot further trying to speak their language rather than getting discouraged when they don't speak yours! 

6. Screen Shot directions to places. 

- If you don't have an international plan like me, this will save you. Even if you do have an international plan, this will help save on data. Screen Shot directions, maps and anything else you may need. It will help you when you can't understand the language on the signs or just get lost all together, plus you can alway point to these photos to a local and they will help you. 

7. Stalk Instagram Hashtags.

-This is my favorite thing to do. Not only does it get me super excited to go where I am going, but I can see many other things to do rather than just the typical tourist stuff. No one likes being labeled a tourist. 

-The most important thing about going anywhere new, is learning all about this place. Like Airbnb Says- "Don't just go there, Live there." 

-This is where I find out the sights to see beyond the typical. For Example if i'm going to Hawaii- Maui to be exact i'll type in Maui on my search bar in Instagram and it will give me all the pictures in the world about maui, but if you look on top Instagram has a cool new update where is shows you "related hashtags" i'll browse through those and just find new stuff. 

-This takes a bit of time and i'll build up a list over a few days, then ill map everything out and see how far everything is to each other. 

8. Buy an outlet converter.

-Just trust me on this one, you will need it, get one with the usb plugs in it too. Also make sure you always use the correct outlets for the correct plugs. Usually hotels will have the correct watt plugs for your hair dryer, shaver or straightener. 



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