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My 22 Best Packing Tips

My 22 Best Packing Tips

I feel like by now I am pretty good at this whole packing situation. I have learned a lot from my travels and other traveler’s tips. I love when I learn something that will help make either my suit case lighter or how I can get more space in my already expanded suitcase.

I’ve traveled quite a bit in the last two years, so I feel like this is a good time to send out some tips. Personally I like to check all my luggage and keep just a backpack on the plane with me. If I have to bring a carry-on bag, I try to keep it as light as possible.

WHY? Because one time I dropped my bag on someone’s head, because my bag weighed more than me and I thought I was a strong independent woman and could lift it myself, apparently not. SO that scared me for life, good thing I’m cute and he didn’t die. LOL

But really here are some tips and random things that save me every time.


1.     PLAN OUT YOUR OUTFITS. – I am a notorious over packer. Like I will pack for snow, when going to Hawaii. Don’t ask me why, I just do. HOWEVER, I have gotten better by doing this. I try to plan roughly what I want to wear and (try to) be realistic about it.

2.     USE PLASTIC BAGS- I put all my shampoo and conditioners, sunscreens and anything that will potentially open up in Ziploc bags. I even double it up sometimes. I have had plenty of things open during flight and give me a nice surprise when I unpack. I’ve even put plastic wrap under the caps on some bottles so it doesn’t leak out.

3.     EMERGENCY KIT- I have a little makeup bag filled with aspirin, Neosporin, nail clippers, (mini) scissors and anything else I think is important. I like to take this with me if we are going somewhere foreign.

4.     ROLL, ROLL, ROLL YOUR CLOTHING- it gives you so much more space, I swear by this.

5.     DRYER SHEETS – throw one in, especially if you have shoes in your bag. We all know those stink, the dryer sheet makes it so your suit case is fresh and clean when you open it.

6.     ORGANIZE YOUR SUITCASE- I don’t use the packing cubes, which I should but when I pack I usually pack all my shirts in one corner, all my jeans in one, my dresses in one, etc. I like to keep everything in a group.

7.     USE A GLASSES CASE TO HOLD YOUR WIRES – I use this for my carry on backpack, it get annoying try to untangle everything.

8.     PUT TOILETRIES IN TRAVEL SIZED BOTTLES- this will save you so much room. I like brining my own shampoo and conditioner because I am picky about my hair stuff, I love the travel bottles you can find at any Walmart or Target.

Once you get to the Airport Tips:

1.BRING YOUR OWN EMPTY WATER BOTTLE- You can take this through security. It’s a great way to save a few bucks in the airport.

2.     BRING HANDSANDITIZER, CHAPSTICK AND LOTION- I’ve seen how they clean the planes and it’s not pretty also, it gets dry AF up there.

3.     DRINK A TON OF WATER BEFORE YOU FLY- it helps keep you hydrated and will prevent you from either getting sick or headache, etc.

4.     DON’T DRINK- try to avoid coffee and alcohol on the plane. It dries you up and you will get even drunker up at 10 thousand feet, no one wants that.

5.     AVOID THE FOOD- when flying at a high altitude, your body starts to adjust for the lack of oxygen. One thing that happens is your taste bud swell up so you have a harder time tasting things. Which is why I say avoid the foods, they load them up with so much salt and other ingredients so you can taste the flavors. Just bring your own snacks.

6.     GET UP- I am the worst at this, I flew all the way to Germany and didn’t move. Don’t do that, walk up and down the aisle, flex your feet while sitting and give your legs a massage. It will help your blood flow and help you not die. JK JK ha-ha

7.     BYO HEADPHONES- I hate airline headphones, they never work.

Before you leave Tips:  (I just started doing these)

1.     CLEAN YOUR ROOM- Trust me there is no better feeling than coming home to a clean room.

2.     MAKE YOUR BED- It just makes your room look good ha-ha

3.     DO ALL YOUR LANDRY- That way all you have to focus on is the clothing you actually wore on vacation.

4.     PAY THE BILLS- Either pay them before or have auto pay on, can’t tell you how many times I have stressed over getting something paid on time with zero Wi-Fi.

5.     FEED THE KIDS- AKA the pets, make sure someone is taking care of them or if your gone just a few days just make sure they have PLENTY of food. But preferably have someone watch them, or send them to a pet hotel.

6.     GET CASH- You just never know! Tokyo is basically and all cash country, had no idea till I got there ha-ha Wish I got their money while I was here vs. over there.

7. LEAVE A LOVE NOTE- Write down anything you want to remind your future self! It helps me a lot, because my mind is 100 years old and forgets everything. 

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