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How to get over your fear of flying

How to get over your fear of flying

SO fun fact: I am terrified of flying.

I KNOW, don’t judge me. I fly a lot and I used to work in an airport so you would think that I’d be cool as a cucumber. TRY AGAIN.

I am that over stressed traveler for sure. I like to be at the airport about 10 hours before my flight just in case and need to be fully alert, aka no wine. I’ll never be that chic traveler with high heels and full face of makeup. I’m all about comfort and being practical on the airplane.

My Nikes will out run your stilettos, if need be.

Casey of course is the total opposite.

I DO know however, where my fear has come from and how to handle it.

I realized that I am scared of flying because I cannot control the situation. I don’t know what is going on up there. It’s like when you get car sick in the back seat, but if you sit up front you can see and control what it going on (even though you’re not driving, you still know the curves coming). It’s also the possibility of plunging to my death but let’s not talk about that.

I ALSO am beyond scared of turbulence; it terrifies the shit out of me. WHY I DON’T KNOW. But it’s really a silly fear. Airplanes can handle way more than you think. I learned a lot working for Alaska Airlines and that included the ins and outs of a plane.

Some Fun Facts that should help calm your fears of flying:


1.     Airplanes CAN NOT, HAVE NOT and WILL NOT go down by getting hit by lighting, it is impossible for them to be affected by it.

2.     Bathroom Doors can be unlocked from the outside in case of emergencies.

3.     Pilots, Co-Pilots and crew members are not allowed to eat the same food they serve you on the plane, to avoid food poisoning of the entire crew.

4.     Most accidents happen within the few minutes of taking off and landing, not in the sky.

5.     The tires will NOT pop upon landing; they are designed to carry tons of pressure.

6.     You can safely fly with one engine, so DON’T WORRY.

7.     The holes in the windows are to reduce cabin pressure on the window.

8.     Airplanes are tested in many simulators before they can join fleets.

9.     You always (well for the most part) will fly over land, to keep in contact with air traffic controllers. So basically, someone is always watching you.

10.  You have a better chance of getting in a car accident than a plane crash.

I know it’s all easier said than done, but there are ways to calm your fears. I think about all the practical things I have learned and try not to think about over dramatic things; like falling out of the sky. It’s just not going to happen. I also, do these things to help calm me down:

1.     Drink Water & and Sprite - for some reason Sprite is my go to flying drink.

2.     Noise cancelling headphones - your welcome.

3.     Breath - I focus a lot on my breathing, especially when we hit turbulence.

4.     Look out the window - this just distracts me; the world Is really cool that high up

5.     Sleep - I can hardly sleep well on an airplane but if you can, then more power to you!

6.     Watch movies – anything to keep my mind off being up in the air.

7.     I think I am on a school bus- I like to pretend I am still on the ground and we are just hitting all the pot holes that haven’t been filled up by our tax money.

8.     Keep Warm- I always freeze on the plane. When I get warm on the plane I just feel more at ease.

9.     I think about my destination and what the hell I am going to do on the ground, once I survive my flight LOL

10.  LASTLY I just squeeze the shit out of Casey’s hand.

Maybe one day, I will be that bad ass who just flies with no care in the world. Till then ill practice tips of getting over my fear of flying and keep showing up at the airport way to early! (sorry Casey, HAHA)

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