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10 Travel Apps to download Now.

10 Travel Apps to download Now.

We all use our phones when we travel, they help us with getting food, taxis and trying to understand one another while in different countries.

I know I use my phone a lot when I travel, I used it for everything in Japan and it was a lifesaver.

I’m always looking for new apps to help make my travels easier, especially when I go somewhere foreign and I won’t be able to understand the language. I found a few that help with packing, getting around, airport times, food and entertainment! Ultimately, everything you need help with when you travel.

Here is the list: 

1. Citymapper - This is the ultimate app for city transit. You can plan your route easily from beginning to end. Citymapper will give you real wait times and status updates if anything is going wrong on your route. You can also connect it to Uber and Lyft. 


2. World Currency Converter- I like to see what money is going to be worth before I go anywhere. I usually check this before I leave, just to get an idea of how expensive it might get. 


3. Groupon- This helps me find activities if I can't find anything online! They have plenty of specials to offer, I don't think you'll go board. 


4. Hotel Tonight- Say your flight gets delayed or canceled, this app has the best deals for those last-minute surprises. They have plenty of well-known hotels and an easy booking process that is literally like 3 steps and you’re set! 


5. MiFlight- This app will help you with navigating through airport terminals and take the guessing out of how long the security line is. This is going to be a lifesaver on my next trip!


6. Mobile Passport- No one likes coming home to a long customs line. NOW apparently you can skip that by downloading this app and going into a separate line which will probably be much shorter because I don’t think many people know that this is a FREE APP! You fill out everything before you land so that way you’re done! You’re welcome!


7. Packpoint- This is something I wish I had made. You put in your destination, how long you are staying / when you are going (what month) and if you are going for vacation or business. Then it asks what activities you will be doing i.e the beach, swimming, etc. After all that it generates a packing list for you based off everything you told it! GENIUS!


8. My TSA- Oh, TSA I kind of thought you were impractical up until now. There app will help you with security lines, flight delays, how busy the airport is, TSA rules and guidelines, the list goes on and on. This is a HIGHLY recommendable app.


9. Yelp- We all know what yelp is good for-  FOOD. This one is good for finding new spots in any place.


10. Uber- We know this one too- However Uber is not available everywhere, so I suggest using Citymapper since that one is available everywhere even in Europe and Asia!


p.s in no way shape or form was this post sponsored. All opinions are my own and I wouldn't be telling you about these if I didn't think they were helpful in any way! 


what are some of your favorite apps? Comment below! 

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