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The best essentials to pack in a carry on.

The best essentials to pack in a carry on.

I should mention: This is what I pack in my carry on Back Pack, not my carry-on luggage. I usually only travel with 2 bags. My checked bag and my backpack. If I do have another bag, I check it at the gate so I don’t have to worry about it and its free!

I really try my hardest not to bring a carry-on bag but that is just a dream of mine.

I always see first-class flyers carrying just a purse, I’m like man those are some goals. I bet security is a breeze for you! #jealous

Since not having a carry on is kind of unrealistic, I thought I would share everything I have in my bag with me. I have a purpose for everything that is in my bag and like it to be as organized as possible, so that way when I go through security all I have to do is pull a few things out and I can move out of the way as quick as possible.

Side note: one of my biggest pet peeves of traveling is slow moving people in the security line. OH MY. If you travel with me and move slowly through this line, or have anything in your bag that makes you get stopped. I will leave you behind. (except Casey, he gets stopped every time because of his camera gear)

I also like my bag to be as light as possible, I am a small individual, I don’t like heavy things. Which is why I don’t bring random things with me or anything that I won’t use. My items can vary though depending on where we are going, usually not by much though. I have my carry-on bag system down pretty well. 


These are the essential items I pack every time: 

1.     My laptop and backup drive- These two items are my life, they contain all my photos and videos. I would be completely broken if I packed these in my suitcase and they got lost or damaged by the airline.

2.     A pen- This comes in handy when you are going international and you have to fill out your customs sheets.

3.     Chapstick- I have chronically dry lips all the time! It gets even worse on the airplane, so I always carry at least two with me.

4.     Hand Sanitizer- Planes are seriously so gross. I suggest getting the wipes and wiping down everything before you sit, but I’m not that crazy so I just opt for the hand sanitizer.

5.     Noise Cancelling Headphones- I don’t always bring these with me. But they sure do work amazingly for the airplane, especially if you want to try to sleep or just jam out to your tunes. I recommend the Bose Noise Cancelling ones but any will do just fine too.

6.     Phone Chargers & Cables- I always like to keep my phone charged during the flight and upon landing, nothing sucks more than a dead phone in a foreign place. I also like to bring my laptop charger and other cables I might need.

7.     Cameras- I don’t have a crazy set up so I can just bring my camera with me in my bag. I usually bring my digital and film camera. (this is mostly where the weight comes from) I also like to pack extra memory cards and an extra battery charger.

8.     Lotion- I like to bring a small carry on sized lotion bottle. I get so dry up in the air, it helps to have it, especially on longer flights.

9.     Passport- This is depending on where you are going. However, some states are requiring you to have your passport to even travel domestically.

10.  Wallet- I try to bring a smaller wallet than my normal one. If it gets stolen or something I only have to worry about canceling one or two cards rather than all of them. Sometimes though, I just bring my whole wallet.

11.  Medication- I like to bring Advil or anything like that with me, you never know when a headache, hangover or cramps might appear! Hahaha

12. Eyedrops- These save my eyes every time. My eyes get so dry when traveling, I need these to survive. 

I try my hardest to bring her, EVERYTIME

I try my hardest to bring her, EVERYTIME

You can also pack things like snacks and an empty water bottle to save you some money. I personally don’t, I usually end up buying a rather large water bottle or getting water on the plane. I also like to eat before I get to the airport that way I’m not paying $20.00 for a $5.00 meal.

On RARE occasions, I will read a book but I only did that once and a book just takes up room in my bag. I now use Audible, I download something before I leave and save it to my phone and I am good to go. Audible is on Amazon, so if you have prime then I suggest signing up! 

I've got this system down pretty well that this is usually the first bag that I pack and then I pack my checked bag. Because lord knows that takes me the longest! 

What do you pack in your bag?


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