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How to Beat Jet Lag

How to Beat Jet Lag

Nothing is worse than finally getting to your destination and falling asleep causing you to miss a day of site seeing.


ALL because of JET LAG. That annoying feeling of laziness and exhaustion. Many people feel this after flying over different time zones and have a hard time shaking it off to enjoy their trip!

I’ve only struggled with this a few times.

The worst for me is when I only go like 3 hours ahead or behind in time, you think you would get it more when you go a lengthier distance?

Maybe I just confused my body enough to where it’s like, yeah, this time change is going to be a hard NO for me.

Whereas going somewhere like Japan, it was too confused to even notice. So, I was fine.

Since I have struggled with Jet Lag more than once, I have found some tips that really help me get over it and allow me to fully maximize my trips!

Here are my tips:

1.     Hydration – I cannot stress this one enough! Start drinking water way in advance, like days before the trip! Most importantly while you are on the airplane! This is really important, you want to stay hydrated during your whole flight.

2.     Sleep on the plane- This is the hardest one for me, I can never sleep comfortably on an airplane. Yes, I am small but that doesn’t mean it’s any more comfortable for me. Although I try my hardest to sleep on them when it is my “normal bedtime”. That way my body somewhat thinks I got a full night’s rest and will be ready when we land to go on with my day.

3.     Try not to take a nap- This is a struggle too! But try your hardest not to take a nap, you will be so tired when you wake up or even worse sleep for more than you intended too!

4.     Go to bed when its dark- By the time it gets dark and everyone else is ready for bed, you should be sooo ready for bed. This will help you tons in adjusting to your new time zone.

5.     FOOD- Try to avoid salty foods, they will just dehydrate you more. Also, try not to drink alcohol until you feel somewhat adjusted to your time.

6.     Stay Active- This will help a lot when you are sleep deprived you just want to sleep, but try your hardest to get some exercise (you should do this anyways after a long flight) this will help you stay awake when you need to be.

7. Split up your trip- If you can, try to have a long layover. That will help your body adjust to the new time. 


Coming home is always easier, your body is already adjusted to that time no matter what. This is always a quicker adjustment than going somewhere other than home. These are my tips for coming home:

1.     Don’t sleep on the plane: I usually don’t sleep depending on my flight time. I usually just make myself really tired, so by the time, it’s my normal bedtime I am ready to pass out from a long day of traveling.

2.     Drink water- This is just another given. You can never drink too much water! 

3.     Exercise- You should always do this after a long flight. It will help get everything flowing in your body to help you stay hydrated and get back to your normal routine.

4.     Wake During the night- If I wake up at an unholy hour, I usually try to go back to sleep or if it’s a “normal” 6 am sometimes I just stay away make some coffee and try to start my day. * I say "normal" because that is not early to some people* LOL

If none of that works for you there is always a pill

What are some helpful tips that you use to get over Jet Lag?

Leave a comment below! 

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