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10 Top jobs that allow you to Travel

10 Top jobs that allow you to Travel

So, most of you like me, are still searching for that job where you don't have to do anything, but still get paid. am I right? Like why, is it so hard to get paid to drink wine and stuff my face, that is a true talent. Considering I'm still under 300lbs. Like, you're welcome.

Anyways, since most of us still have to work to some extent. I've created a list of top careers to have that will actually pay you and even pay you to see the world. I know, super crazy right? Most of these have great benefits and perks to them, so if your looking for something new, maybe consider one of these careers.

seems pretty obvious, but number 1. Flight Attendant-  I mean, that's your job- to travel, don't let this job fool you though. There is a lot to this then meets the eye. Tons of training and hard work. However, the layovers in different cities have to be worth it.

2. Customer Service (for a specific airline)- This is what I did, let me tell you sometimes I just couldn't  hang. I thought to myself I am too young and pretty to be yelled at this much. Some people are just so rude, it amazed me.
So if you enjoy rude people, crazy people, and the occasional nice person then this is the job for you. Don't get me wrong I mostly loved my job, just sometimes all I could do is secretly mouth "WTF" However when I was sitting on a free flight to Hawaii, I had to think "oh yeah, this is why I put up with people."

3.Travel Agent- Kind of a dying thing, except now with all these social media platforms you don't have much time before this really 'disappears'. However, it is still a really great thing to consider! Social Media could really change this and make a new aged Travel Agent.

4. Retail Buyer- Someone had to sit through those torturous hours, of Paris Fashion Week to find that blouse you love so much. Travel near and far to find the perfect fit and fabric. That lucky person could be you.

5. Au Pair "overseas nanny"- Basically a full-time babysitter, but in a different country. Most families who live in different countries want someone who can teach there child English and in return, you get 1. paid 2. a place to stay 3. time to travel the country. The only downside to this is, you should probably spend most of your first weeks there making new friends, like ones the same size as you, not the child you're watching.

6.Event Coordinator- Do you see how many festivals there are in this world now. You're Welcome.

7. Cruise Line- If you don't get sea-sick this is the perfect traveling career. You live on a boat and get to sail around all while getting paid. You don't have to pay for your living expenses so you're basically saving while you travel, um genius. Best bet, would be to work for the Disney Cruise Lines, they go to all the best places, and who wouldn't want to work for them?

8.Destination Wedding Photographer- Now, please only consider this if you're actually good at taking photos. Just because you have 10k followers on Instagram does not mean that you can consider your self a photographer (or a model). Most and I mean all Brides & Grooms will pay almost anything for their photos because this is the single most important day of their lives, so they want every second of it captured in their photos. We all know the new iPhone does 4k resolution, but don't be showing up with that and expect to call it a day.

9. English Teacher- If you can speak PROPER English and feel like helping the world out, then this is for you. Basically, there are many programs out there that will pay you to act as an English teacher and help out at schools. You don't even need a English or Teaching degree. However, it would be extremely helpful if you did. 

10. Volunteer- Now, this is my last on this list for a reason, because most "volunteers" don't get paid. Most volunteer jobs that I have seen, you have to pay them to get in the program, which it makes sense. But, if you just feel like getting so extra Karma points in life, then volunteer away. There's a super cool program I've been considering to help in  Thailand, to help care for the Elephants.

Help the Elephants < -- There's a link to the site if you're interested too.

Now, I know there's like a million more jobs that you can travel with, but I can't sit here all day and list them. But Hey! even with all the growing trends and influences  on social media, maybe you could even create a position for a company, that enables you to travel!

Good Luck out there!

Does any one have any other job positions they could add to this list?

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