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Monkey Park, Kyoto

Monkey Park, Kyoto

To be real, I was not expecting monkeys in Japan, like I just didn't think that was a thing there. 

But seriously, I was so happy to know that it was a thing. 

I always wanted to play with them in Bali, but since I haven't been there yet, this will do. Before I went I was a little skeptical, I heard they were quite devilish little things. 

But, that wasn't going to stop me. 

This place is called Arashiyama Monkey Park in Kyoto. Apparently, there is more than one in Japan, but this is the one I visited. 

The Map on the site is cute, because it looks like a fun little hike to the top. Let me tell you it's a HIKE. Make sure to wear those comfy shoes and some water. Don't bring your own food, they have snacks that you can feed these little guys. 

I get the impression that they are like any person when they are hungry and will do anything for food. Hence the devilishness. 

from the entrance, it's about a 20 minute hike. I wouldn't suggest going in the middle of the day, I am sure it gets hot. 

Once you get to the top it's the best view and complete with monkeys everywhere. 

You can feed them in the feeding house but that is the only spot where you can feed them, these monkeys know where the food is, because they all mostly hang out by the house. 

If you have little ones, I recommend this spot. they have a playground about half up, so you can rest and have some fun. ( there is no monkeys here ) 

I'm glad we found this place and can't wait to see some more monkeys in Bali!

Monkey Site Info click HERE. 

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