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Does any one else hate packing?  

I don't know why but it is my least favorite thing to do. 

I always over pack and prepare for any thing that could possibly happen.  

Like a snow storm in Hawaii.  

Like why? Why is that necessary ?  

I don't know, but it could happen.  

I end up bringing my whole closet on top of every time I find around my house.  

I have, honestly gotten slightly better with this.  

I've learned some tips to help me fix this & not end up with the closet of Narnina. 

Heres my favorite packing tips: 

1. Roll your clothing- it saves so much space and let's you pack even more! 

2.  Downsize the hair products and bathroom stuff- most hotels have everything you need there. 

3. Plan the outfits- this is my hardest, but I always try to have an idea of what to wear each day.  

4. The suitcase- this is key! I love a suit case with room! It also rolls so good, which is a pet peeve of mine when bags cannot roll. Like yo! I'm trying to move!

I use the Away bag every time, it's the perfect size, I have the small carry on and the large check bag. Each bag holds more than enough for anything & it charges your phone. Like thank you! It's so great stylish, it always matches my black airport outfits! 

I had both with me in Japan and it was perfect!  




I'm sure all of us girls and maybe guys are over packers, but don't worry, we will all get through it one day.  

One day some one will invent something to transport our whole closet, but till now, the away bag to the rescue!  


What's your favorite packing tip? 


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