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Hotel Seafire

Hotel Seafire

We've made it to the Seafire Resort in the Grand Caymen Islands.  

I have never been here, one because it's brand spanking new and two because I've never been to the Grand Caymen Islands. 

I am so excited to be apart of this grand opening!  

No one has laid their head on my pillow except me, basically I marked my territory, so this room is forever mine.  Thank you.  

No but for real, this hotel is amazing and in the perfect location.  

Right on the seven mile beach so beach access hello! 

I had a great experience here, from the food to the staff everything was amazingly perfect. 

I feel like the best hotels are always the ones that feel like a home away from home, The Seafire nailed that on the head. Anything that you needed they were more than willing to do for you. Everyone greeted you with a genuine smile. 

I know from experience that the customer service industry isn't the easiest and it slightly drains your soul, but the staff seemed genuinely happy to be at work. 

I mean, they don't have much to be mad at, look where they live! 



Views from the Presidential Suite are out of this world. 


After our first night, I knew why they called it Seafire. Look at that amazing sunset. 

Stingray City

Stingray City