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ARRIVE Palm Springs.

ARRIVE Palm Springs.

I love a quick get away trip, that doesn't involve the airport. 

ARRIVE in Palm Springs, is just the perfect place to get away.

I love coming to palm springs because it's alway so relaxing and warm. I love the warm weather so this place is perfect for me. 

Palm Springs also has many boutique style hotels to choose from. As much as I do love those big chain hotels I really enjoy the boutiques ones as well.

They are always so unique in their own way. 

Like ARRIVE, it's small, homey and super modern. You get treated like family right away! 

Which makes this place a perfect get away, they even offer you a complimentary drink upon your check in! YES PLEASE!

Everything is so clean and simple, which makes for an easy stay, leaves time for you to focus on relaxing. 

Even so much as to where if you need your Laundry done, but are still laying by the pool, just text them. They got you! 

Want coffee in the am? Just text them!

Also, don't worry about your instagram photo failing to post, they have the highest quality WIFI, like thank you! It ran better than the WIFI in my own home! ha ha

However, you like being more active and not on the wifi all day, there is plenty around to do. 

They have a ping pong table if you need a break from the sun. 

You can also rent bikes and take them for a stroll along the roads. 

ARRIVE is right on the main street so it is close to just about anything you need. Like the Ice Cream shop and Coffee shop out front, which both are local to palm springs. As well as the Reservoir Restaurant, that is just steps away from your room. 

Such a perfect weekend, so ready to take on the week now!

Hopefully you'll want to ARRIVE here after seeing these photos ;) 

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Fushimi Inari Taisha.

Chichen Itza.

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