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Coba Ruins, Tulum

Coba Ruins, Tulum

A trip to Coba will keep the doctor away! 

ha-ha-ha just kidding, but maybe it will keep the personal trainer off your back! You'll get all the exercise you need in a month in one day here. 

From climbing this monster of temple to riding your bike around. 

For the lazier people, like me- you can have a guide take you on there on taxi like bikes. 

I actually opted for a bike this time, which is very unlike me. But hey, when in Mexico.. 

Anyways, I would highly recommend this if you are traveling to Tulum. 

Its best to get there as soon as it opens, so it's not 100000+ degrees climbing up the ruin. 

It looks a lot more intense than it really is, unless you're afraid of heights then, it might be best to just sit this one out. Or just go up half way. 

If you do make it to the top be prepared to be sweating most of your bad decisions out. Its very humid in Mexico, so you sweat a lot and the intense activity doesn't help this at all. So looking cute in any of these photos is not going to happen, unless you're a cute sweater. hah 

as far as outfit wise: I would wear really comfy shoes and comfy shorts and a light shirt. If you feel like a badass babe and just wanna wear work out shorts and a swim top I would recommend that too! get some sun! 

This is the only temple you can still climb up, it's getting very worn down though, so I am not so sure how long it will be around to climb. 

Just make sure you add it to the list!

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