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Things to do in Maui.

Things to do in Maui.

I have to say, Maui is my favorite of the Hawaiian Islands. 

It's quite, small and lots to see. 

I've stayed there so many times, i've lost count. Thats one thing I miss about working for Alaska Airlines. You could go anywhere you wanted, as long as you had the time off course. I mean you did have to do some work. But Whenever I had the time, I could hop on a flight to Hawaii and see my lovely friend Noelle. I probably could have gone anywhere else, but Maui was always my first choice. 

With that being said, I think i've found the top things you must see in Maui. Realistically, you could drive the whole island in a day, but I wouldn't recommend that at all, you'd miss the beauty of the everything. 

These are only a few of my favorite things, I have so much more advice. 

1. Mt. Haleakala - I swear this is place is heaven on earth. Check out my other blog about what to do & eat here. I also explain what to bring and how early to get there. 


2. Shaved Ice in Lahaina - You can get this anywhere In Maui, but they put ice cream on the bottom of it. I swear it's like nothing you've ever had. You'll wish they did that back here in the main land. 

3. Cliff jumping at Cliff House- Most tourist don't know about this place, you have to kind of ask a local about how to get there. Some are willing to tell you some not so much, just thank goodness that google maps can tell you how to get there. You could possibly see turtles there too, last time I was there I saw one. 


4. Blowhole- There is many of these along the coast of Lahaina, you just have to travel up north and you can usually see a bunch of cars pulled off to the side, trust me youll wanna pull over too. Don't get to close, they are pretty dangerous tho. 


5. Ziplining- This is the best way to get amazing views of Maui. It is so fun just going thru the mountain and seeing the views at a 360 degree. They have many many tours that take you ziplining. my advice  book it before you get to Maui.  You can book it while you are there but many are just trying to get you to go to a Time share meeting, then they give you the deal. 


6. Baby Beach in Lahaina- This is my absolutely favorite beach ever. It's quiet, there's never huge waves crashing on you and you can float and drink on the beach. I love packing a cooler and bringing my snorkel to this place. Every time i come to Maui i spend at least one day here. Once, i Went to maui for just a day to lay on this beach, because my beach isn't good enough for me. You can also see amazing sunsets from here. 

7. Snorkeling- My advice- bring your own snorkeling gear. Any beach beach is good to snorkel at. Also any guided snorkeling is great! its even better if you stick to the smaller boats and smaller groups. The guides tend to be more laid back and will give you the best advice on where you snorkel.

I have so so so so many things to say about this island. I love it in more than many ways. I may have to do another post, because i have to so many more favorite places and food suggestions.  So stay Tuned! because i still have to tell you about the Road to Hana! 

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico

Mt. Haleakala

Mt. Haleakala