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Mt. Haleakala

Mt. Haleakala

There are several things in life that are not easy, but worth it. One I say is Mt. Haleakala on Maui. You’re probably wondering how a mountain is not easy- like all you do is look at it. Well, if getting up at the crack of dawn is not your thing, like me,  then it’s a struggle. I’m talking like 3am early, if the sun isn’t up then I shouldn’t be- it has more important things to do than I. However, one day of getting up that early won’t kill ya, plus for this view it’s so worth it. I’m halfway convinced that is the doorway to Heaven.

I guess not everyone needs to get up at 3 am depending on where you are staying on Maui. But if you want the best night time view of the stars i suggest leaving early, plus parking gets packed quick. Or if you’re a slow driver like me and take your time then leave early, the drive is a windy road up a mountain.

Minus, the windy roads and oh the ice cold temperature- it’s a top 10 thing you must see. I know most of us just pack tiny swimsuits & cover ups, but if you plan on seeing this- may I suggest bringing clothes for the snow. Your up 10,000 ft. so yes, it’s going to get cold!

What I packed:

  1. Beanie
  2. thermal
  3. flannel
  4. jacket
  5. leggings
  6. pair of jeans ( I wore the leggings under the jeans)
  7. & took a hotel blanket as well.
  8. I would also bring a scarf or gloves.

Now, sometimes mother nature doesn’t play well and after all the struggles of going up the hill all you get is clouds. Don’t be too discouraged the clouds usually dissipate just depends on how long you want to stay up there. definitely stay up there and look around, you just drove like 3 hours up a mountain- stay awhile.

Something about watching the sunrise over the clouds is amazing. Everyone needs to see it once in their life. However, if you absolutely can not make it in the am you can watch the sunset (it’s just as cold then too).

After, you’ve soaked in the amazingness and are more awake, it’s probably time to eat. My favorite place to eat is the Kula Lodge, it’s about an hour down the mountain (I could be wrong about the time). They have an amazing breakfast & view. 

All in all, this is one of my favorite things to see in Hawaii. I suggest you see it, like yesterday. So make sure you add this to your to-do list when you visit Maui.

Things to do in Maui.

Things to do in Maui.