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Ever hear of the travel blues*?

yeah, it's totally a thing. 

After visiting Sandos Caracol All Inclusive Resort, you will feel it. 

After having the pleasure of being here for a few days, I was reminded of how special it is to be able to visit other countries and learn their culture. 

We were overloaded with activities and food! This resort has plenty to offer from a water park for families to some alone time with your partner in the Adults only sections. 

I was completely blown away by the hospitality of the staff there as well. Coming from a hispanic family, I know how welcoming we are, but this was a new level of welcoming. 

And a next level amount of food. It was like when you tell grandma you're not hungry and she stuffs more food down your throat just in case. 

If only we could have stayed forever. 

We got to enjoy the celebration of the Autumn Equinox while we were there too, which was filled with dancing and again more food!

They literally had food hanging from the trees.  

We also saw one of the Seven Wonders of the World - Chichen Itza. ( see blog coming soon) 

And of course enjoyed a romantic boat tour around the river.

I even had my lifelong dream come true of seeing a baby turtle and holding the little squirt. 

Sandos offers many activities based on how fast you want to move on your vacation. It all up to you, but don't worry they will take care of it for you. 


Sandos is an eco-friendly resort so they built it all with in the land. So they have many Cenotes for you to enjoy! This is the main one with the turtles! 

My idea of Romantic is Champange. They nailed it- our Tour guide was the absolute best, he was so amazing and knew so much of the mayan culture. Which is fitting because he comes from the Mayan heritage.  

Okay, this was by far the coolest thing to witness. The Fire Dance, coming from a fashion background I can say these outfits are beyond anything out of the ordinary. I wasn't sure if they are authentic or not, but the detail to me is amazing. 

Besides the ceremonial outfits, just to witness the moves and the energy of that dance was something special I will remember for ever. This is one reason I love to travel, you witness so many things that make you feel how big this world truly is.

I thank Sandos a million times for this experience. 

Until next time Sandos!



* Travel Blues- Being depressed after one's fabulous vacation. 

Chichen Itza.

Chichen Itza.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico