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Sandals South Coast, Jamaica

Sandals South Coast, Jamaica

I'm pretty convinced that we just ate our way through Jamaica after looking at all these photos, but I mean hey, can you blame us? It was all inclusive! 

We just spent a few days in South Coast, Jamaica. It was so pretty and beyond anything that I was expecting. It took us roughly about 9 hours to get there from LAX, one red-eye flight to NYC and another 3 and half hour flight from NYC to MBJ (for those of you who don't speak airport code, that is Montego Bay) followed by one long car ride, which was basically a two-lane windy road (something that gives me pure anxiety ha-ha-ha). 

After the long travels, we finally get to our much-anticipated Villa, and when I mean much anticipated I mean MUCH ANTICIPATED. We have been waiting months for these to open and enjoy all of what Sandals has to offer! I have been making mood boards like crazy for this trip, I knew this was going to be something that was really memorable, so I wanted to collect as many photos as I could. This place made it so easy with all the pretty ocean backdrops and of course our amazing room! I was ready for this!

However, since we were only there for a short amount of time we honestly didn’t leave the hotel, I know what you’re thinking, you didn’t even explore?!

Few things about that, one, we were out there specifically to “work,” Sandals contacted Casey to create content for the Villas, they are brand new and needed some fresh marketing content for social media. And two, Sandals has so much to offer you really don’t need to leave ha-ha-ha. They had endless food and drink options, there was also entertainment every night. Wither it was watching someone play music on the deck or watching extremely drunk people wander around till 2 am (aka us and some new friends we made) they have plenty to do!

Being in those villas, we were really spoiled and had our own personal butler to handle our every need. Every villa gets their own, we had Kevin and Kristoff, seriously two of the nicest people I have met. They took care of everything we ever needed, plus so much more! So, I felt no need to leave this place. We had impeccable service, endless food and drinks, and a beautiful room. What more could you ask for?

I would highly recommend this place to anything thinking about going to Jamaica, it was perfect. You will create some of the best memories here with whomever you bring, plus the people you will meet here. We met so many fun and amazing people that we will remember forever, plus maybe a hangover or two that we won’t forget.

It’s a place of pure joy and trust me mon, everything little thing will be alriiight.

I can’t wait to go back! 

I've listed a few things you need to try while staying at Sandals. Number 6 is crucial. 

1. Jerk Chicken, you just have too. 

2. All the Bob Marley, Jamaica colored drinks. I mean, it's Jamaica. 

3. All the restaurants, but specifically Neptunes. They had the best seafood and authentic Jamaican food.  

4. The over the water bar, called Latitude. This is the place to be a sunset! 

5. Cafe De Paris, this is the spot for all the late night sugar treats, it even looks like a cute cafe in Paris, not like I've been but that's what I think they look like ha-ha-ha 

6. Finding a chair, sitting your but in it and relaxing. This place has you covered. 


This drink is called the Bob Marley, you have to order at least one while you are here. (or more, no one is counting)


Jerk Chicken, is a M U S T. This is what Jamaica is known for! 


Not sure how much shrimp I ate here, but Im pretty sure its equal to my body weight. 


The Bob Marley, in shot form. Thats a must as well. 

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