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Oceanside, CA

Oceanside, CA

Not many people will get to call this magical place home, and I'm not sure how I got so lucky to land here, but I did. 

And if you're asking your self where is Oceanside? It's right here. 


I mean this place isn't far from much, you're right in the middle of the Mountains, the Desert and the Beach. We also, have the world's best Mexican food, considering how close we are to the place(Mexico). From someone who's lived here their whole life I will say- the most hole in the wall places are usually the best too. 

although, still think my grandma makes the best food. 

* FUN FACT * I am a quarter Hispanic, my dads side of the family is from Mexico. Whitest mexi you'll ever know. 

Oceanside, is very quiet, not much goes on here. Which I am fine with, I am a mellow person. It's nice to know though, that I can go to LA or San Diego when ever I want. 

Aside from our bomb food, we have some cool things like our Pier which was first built in 1888, which it's been rebuilt a few times since then. We also have Legoland right next to us as well as the Zoo & Wild Animal Park. 

Oceanside has mad it impossible for me to even think of moving any where. I can't leave the beach or Mexican Food. 

There's a reason why us Socal people and probably most of Cali, pay an arm,  a leg and half our soul to live here. Its beyond perfect. 

I take this town for granted, mostly the beach though, never the food. It's right there but how many times do I go a year, probably like 5 times. This is probably why I am not tan, what-soever. 

I have lived here my whole life but sometimes I still find things were, I'm like 'whoa! when did this get here?!' 

Which means, I should probably get out more, ha ha 

When I do get out though, It's so easy to look at this place and be like wow, I am so lucky to live here. 

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