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PillBox Hike

PillBox Hike

This is the hike i've been waiting to do, since being on Oahu!

I've seen this a million times over on Instagram, so of course I had to do it. Last time I came to Oahu, I did the famed Dead Mans Cat Walk, which is now sadly gone. The view is still there, just the slab of concrete is gone. Probably a good thing, that wasn't too safe, basically scaling the side of a cliff. 

Anyways, this hike was a bit of a trek- only of course if you're out of shape like me. 

Just kidding, its a good one, there was like 5 year old kids running for joy at the top. Except me, just trying to breath and not pass out. Damn kids and there natural energy. 

It took about 30 minutes for me to get up, only because once again, I am out of shape. It really also depends on your pace. 

But, like I said. It is so doable. 

You start at the entrance, which is right by sunset elementary school. 

I recommend going early before the sun makes it almost impossible to go on. Also, bring water. 

I wore work out clothes, and a pair of shoes I didn't mind getting dirty. 

It's perfectly paved for you, not so much in the sense of a concrete path way, but more of like a million people have made a natural walk way for you. 

You always want to stay to the left and once you get to a bench, you know you're on the right track. Also, if you see white flags tied to the trees, you're in the right spot. 

Once you pass the bench, you are about half way there. 

Now, you come to a first Pillbox, which is not the one you typically see on Instagram. It's pretty cool though, It looks like something they would use in the war to spot enemy ships coming. You can walk into the bottom part of the bunker too, kinda of creepy but really cool. I kinda of felt like I was in history for a moment. It makes you think, like what went in on in here. 

After you spend a few moments in there, you can walk to the main spot everyone post about. 

It's an amazing view and my 5 year old self was really stoked, because you can color on the slab with chalk. (They have chalk there, no need to bring your own.)

Bottom line, no matter if you are a professional gym rat or a professional couch potato, you can certainly do the hike. 

It's only slightly challenging on the way up anyways, going down took us like 20 mins- If that. 

Most certainly worth your while in Oahu. 

See, he's not even in real hiking clothes & he made it, just fine :) 

See, he's not even in real hiking clothes & he made it, just fine :) 



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