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Carrizo Gorge Railyard

Carrizo Gorge Railyard


Let me tell you about a place I was told about called the Carrizo Gorge Railyard. 

AKA that Abandoned train place. 

The depot in Jacumba Hot Springs for the San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railroad's Desert Line was built in 1919 and handled passenger traffic until 1951.

I guess it was set up for failure the moment it began construction, due to financial issues and other natural disasters. 

So now they just sit. 

These rail cars sit on private property, however you can still wander around and get some sweet photos. 

My advice- be careful, this place is filled with broken glass and probably other things. I am going to assume lots of homeless people live in here time to time. 

There is one train you can not go in, it's boarded up and I think there are people living in there. So I wouldn't disturb them. 

Bring that epi-pen if you are allergic to bees, one of the cars is now home to what sounds like a million bees, be mindful of that. 

you can climb and walk all over these trains, just be cautious of your steps. 

You know, do anything for that gram shot ;) 

This place was very eerie to me, I was not a fan of that. 

Overall it was worth it, you'll see others climbing around and taking photos too so don't be scared. There is even a dog named Bo that runs around, he's so cute. 

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