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What to see in Bermuda.

What to see in Bermuda.

I can officially say: “I survived the Bermuda triangle!”.

I never thought I would be able to say that in my lifetime, but I am glad I survived the mysterious triangle. I feel like my line of work has taken me to some amazing places, places that I wouldn’t have thought to go. I.E The Grand Cayman Islands and now Bermuda.

I had no idea what to expect, when I thought of Bermuda, I instantly thought of the Bermuda shorts to be honest. I didn’t even know what to think of the island.

So, naturally I did what any person does when they don’t know anything. I googled.

I was instantly amazed at what I saw; Google told me about the wonderfully colored home and fascinating Crystal caves that have been on the island for millions of years. I was hooked. I couldn’t wait.

Fast forward to stepping foot on the island...

It was dark getting off the plane, I was confused. Also very tired, but beyond excited. We took a taxi to the hotel and tried to picture the island in the dark.

When the sun finally popped up the next morning and I was shown those colorful homes google promised me, I was ready to go out and spend a few days exploring the island.

While I was there I was able to collect some facts and tips about this island for you. So here, here is where to stay, what to do and how to make the most of your time in Bermuda!


*this post is a quick version to Bermuda, I have more in depth posts linked below in each category.


Where to stay:

The Hamilton Princess Bermuda.


The island's most famous pink palace. It’s located in the most perfect spot on the island. I swear everything is about a 20 min taxi ride from this hotel.


The staff was beyond friendly and would treat us like family. They would always greet us by name, which means more to me. It’s just more personable and makes you feel comfortable.

Not only is this place in the most convenient location, it is basically an art museum (bet you weren’t expecting that). Every wall is covered with works of art from Banksy to Andy Warhol and everyone in between. Even outside there is a giant statue from the artist ‘Kaws’, it took me by surprise, it was so big.


Where to Eat:

The Swizzle Inn

If you’re going to eat anywhere make sure you stop at The Swizzle Inn.  Sounds fun? Right?! It’s is! The inside of the Inn made me think that there had been plenty of good memories in there. From floor to ceiling there were business cards and dollar bills stuck to the walls. It gave me a warm comfortable feeling, which was also due to the swizzle drink that you just have to try.

I want to say it’s Bermuda’s version of a long island. The drink is filled with rum and juice. They cautioned us to only have one, but hey! They were little so we had 2 ;) I still walked out on my feet, so I don’t think they were that bad.

The food was perfectly satisfying and the staff was friendly and charming.  This inn is a short walk from the Crystal Caves, so after that tour you can take a stroll to the Swizzle Inn.


What to see:

The Crystal Caves.

“Bermuda’s oldest living Treasure”

These caves are like nothing I have seen before. I mean they slightly reminded me of the Cenotes in México, but not exactly. The crystal water is a sight itself. You will want to see both of the caves, the Crystal Cave and the Fantasy Cave.

Beyoncé used the Fantasy Cave in a photo shoot. She touched the boat down in the cave, so be sure to get a photo next to that. It’s almost like being next to her. hahahah

See more here


Princess Beach Club.

The photos kind of speak for themself. This is the hotel’s private beach club. The beach is something off of a postcard. It was breathtaking. The hammocks floating in the ocean made it seem so dreamy. I had to run to claim one for the day (no one was on the beach; we took the first bus over. I am just a child).

They just opened a restaurant with an open deck to enjoy the view. The drive alone to the beach is worth it!


Downtown Hamilton.

It’s a short walk from the hotel, just make a right once you walk out the front. I highly recommend strolling around here, I feel like you could really see the life of Bermuda in the town. So much excitement and charm.

Fun Facts:


1.     You cannot rent a car here. Taxi’s, buses and motor scooters are only means of transportation if you are a tourist.

2.     American Currency is a legal form of payment here. Even though Bermuda is a part of the British colony.

3.     You can paint your house any color you want! But you cannot buy a house, unless you are born in Bermuda, renting and leasing are your only options.

4.     They drive on the left hand side

5.     May 24th is when most locals go swimming, they are celebrating the end of winter.

6.     Yes, they wear Bermuda shorts

7.     The white roofs are made of limestone and a meant to collect drinking water from the rain.

8.     Also known as “The Devils Triangle”

9.     This year they are hosting the World Cup & they proudly display that everywhere!

10.  From San Diego Bermuda is 4 hours ahead. Which made it very hard to get up in the morning!

I had the most wonderful time here. I hope you make it out to the triangle one day and survive to tell the tale!








* All words, thoughts and opinions are mine.

Bermuda's Crystal Caves.

Bermuda's Crystal Caves.

Mammoth, CA

Mammoth, CA