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Palm Springs - La Serena Villas

Palm Springs - La Serena Villas

Took my first trip of 2018 and a different travel buddy this time! 

Sydney and I stayed at the La Serena Villas in Palm Springs. It was beyond relaxing and serene. I felt like we had the whole place to our self’s!

This hotel is so special in many ways, there are only 18 rooms and each one comes with an outside bathtub and fire pit, how perfect is that!

It was originally built in 1933 and sits in within walking distance of Palm Canyon Drive, where you can find many local shops and restaurants. If you don’t want to venture too far off the property La Serena has a wonderful restaurant called ‘Azucar’ which is right by the pool so you can sit and enjoy the sun and some bites. OR even better just have the food delivered to you in your room! We had breakfast sent to us each morning in a cute picnic basket! 

At night enjoy the sunset in their upstairs lounge with your favorite drinks! We saw the prettiest sunset while enjoying our wine and trying not to look like complete weirdos with our tripod. Hahaha

Even though it was built in 1933 is has since been updated and trust me its comparable to a 5-Star hotel. I especially loved that about this property, every corner of this hotel had something special to offer.

I love properties like this, they make it so easy to take photos. Every spot you look at is photogenic. Makes my job easy :)

I had so much fun lounging in the sun and enjoying a few drinks by the pool! I can’t wait to see what other trips 2018 has to offer me!


I love these bath tub picture because they are probably an 'Instagram photographers' nightmare. WHY? you ask, let me tell you!

1. They are not in focus 

2. Just look at that floor! It is a MESS! 

3. Probably more I can't even see. 

But that's why I like them, they are messy and they perfectly describes our situation trying to take these photos. I'm pretty sure both of our backs were sore from trying to sit upright and not slip and fall into the tub. 

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