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What to do in Oahu.

What to do in Oahu.

1. Take a stroll through Waikiki

-This isn’t something that I would put on the top of my list, but I feel like everyone needs to go to see Waikiki. It's a super touristy spot but has some of the greatest spots for food, drinks and of course plenty of hotel options. 


2.    Go on a Hike

 - The Ehukai Pillbox Hike- North Shore 1.6 miles round trip

- I love that one you totally have to do this one when you come here. It’s easy enough for the whole family to do this one and the views are amazing! You can see more about this hike here.


- Crouching Lion Hike – 2 miles round trip (short distance trail)

-This hike is a bit more advanced. I only say that because it’s all uphill and gets really narrow on the top. I wouldn’t recommend little ones going on this hike. The views are unquestionably stunning and well worth the trek, read more here


-Manoa Falls Trial – 1.5 miles round trip

- This one is more of a trail, not a hike. This is suitable for any age. This path leads you to a waterfall that is really pretty. This one is open from 8am-4pm and costs $5.00 to get in. I would say though, this was my least favorite “hike” it was overly filled with tourist and the waterfall was quite disappointing. However, if you have little ones this would be a great thing to do!

            Apparently, there is another hike that is more advanced and will take you to the top of the waterfall and has an infinity pool where you can swim and take some cool photos in. This is a different trail and you have to take it from the beginning of the hike, not after you get to the falls like we thought we could.


3.    See the Byodo Temple - $5.00 cash only

- I like coming here because it reminds me of all the temples we saw in Japan. This is a nice spot to take the family and enjoy the day. This is a nice spot to have lunch or just walk around for a bit and kill some time.


4.    Go to The Sunrise Shack

- This is located in the North and is Locally owned. You might miss it if you’re going to fast, this is defiantly a spot you’ll want to stop by though! They sell bulletproof coffee and some yummy fruit bowls! Everything about this spot is Instagram worthy as well!


5. See the North Shore

- This is where you’ll see larger than life-waves. You can feel the pure power behind mother nature just by sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll in.


6. Eat at the Pupukea Grill

- This is on the North Shore too. This is a great spot to grab some lunch and you can a) sit in the little area they have for you or b) take it to go and find a beach and enjoy the sun! Either way, this food is filling and fresh! I got the Doner Kebab and it was so good!


7. Watch sunset at the China Walls

- This was a great spot to end the day and watch the sunset. The sun falls directly in front of you with no obstructing views and is a perfect place to bring some drinks and snacks. It’s just a short walk from a residential area so parking is easy, just be mindful of parking in front of someone’s home. Plenty of people come and watch the sunset here it’s very beautiful!


8. Picnic at China Mans Hat

- How cute is this spot. This would be a perfect spot to grab some lunch, shoot even some dinner and take in the views! This is easy to find, just type in china mans hat in google maps! 

Crouching Lion Hike

Crouching Lion Hike

Palm Springs - La Serena Villas

Palm Springs - La Serena Villas