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Crouching Lion Hike

Crouching Lion Hike


I think this hike tops the Pillbox Hike. The view alone was over the top.

I initially found this hike on Instagram (of course) and thought the views were so pretty so I quickly added it to my list of things to do. I read that it was fairly easy and wouldn’t take all day so I was all for it!

I did also read that this hike was really dangerous and it should only be done by advanced hikers. We almost didn’t get to it because we started to second guess ourselves. But I want to say I think what I read online is only half true.

One) It is really dangerous in a sense that you are scaling a cliff essentially, so it’s very steep and there is a section or two that you are on the edge of the cliff. SO yes, it’s dangerous.

Two) I wouldn’t exactly say It’s for advanced hikers because for one person in our group it was his first hike ever and he did just fine & I am nowhere near an advanced hiker and well, I survived just fine.

This hike was also easy to find and not overly filled with tourist.

Once you park in the designated parking spots (you’ll see it on the side of the road). You can cross the road and start on the trial.  You will also see some signs that say trail closed or do not enter. We just walked past those but up to you if you want to continue.

You will have to climb over a fallen tree and after that you will begin the trail up. The trail starts off right away going up. The first about 10 minutes are still walking through the foliage, so it’s not too bad. There is a rope to help you get to the top, you can use it if need be.


Make sure to pack a lot of water and wear some comfortable shoes. 


Once you get to the first look out is where it gets tricky. This is the part you need to be extra careful of your footing. We got some wise advice from a local – “don’t go on a hike after it’s rained” I would highly take this advice if you plan on going on this hike. I could see how this would get really slippery and become quite dangerous.


This part of the hike is the part that is on the edge. You go under a large rock to get to the top of the lions head. To be honest, I still can't see the lions head in all this, so I am not sure why they called it "Crouching Lion"


Trying to look at how far up we, good thing I am not afraid of heights! I do recommend though, if you are skeptical of heights, you might want to pass on this hike. 


This is the top of the hike. The views were so worth the hike and the heights! Overall it wasn't that bad of a hike. 

Now, you can keep going further up and that is a way longer and more intense hike. I would highly recommend doing some research on the longer trail. It looked really intense and I wouldn't reccomend going if you don't know what you are getting into.  

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